Amethyst Jewelry for Crystal Healing

Lots of Amethyst jewelry are available, but the best types of amethyst jewelry for healing are pieces with bigger stones, which makes it is easier to see results. The general rule is that your jewelry has more healing stones than metal.

Three Healing Tips with Amethyst Jewelry

In any healing meditation or active healing practice there are things to do, and things not to do. What to do first:

  1. When you first bring your amethyst jewelry home, clean it and then clear it with reiki, smudge or your own personal prayer
  2. Then decide for what personal purpose you want to use your amethyst jewelry
  3. Wear your jewelry consciously and monitor your progress

If you apply these three things, you will have the opportunity to discover

amethyst jewelry

Use Amethyst Jewelry for healing.

where you need to focus your attention. For example, in one of my courses, one lady reported that as soon as she put on her necklace she felt very angry. Yes, I know it might sound uncomfortable but if one wants to heal what causes troubles, one sometimes have to ‘grab the bull by the horns.’ In her case she spent several weeks to address her negative emotions, and heal herself. In the end she said it was complete. I was delighted to see her actually discover that she herself could do something about her situation.


When you choose to wear personal jewelry such as amethyst jewelry, you can expect change to be coming to you!

And with change I mean an inner personal change for the better, an example of that would be starting to exercise, meditate or be kinder towards that nasty … (you fill in the blanks). Yes all of the people in your life are there for your benefit. And without the challenges you experience, you would not grow and evolve as a person. So I suggest that when you wear your amethyst jewelry look for change. You might discover this subtle but decisive energy of Amethyst to improve your life and what is in it.


Do an Amethyst jewelry Immersion for Health and Love

If you have a particular problem with someone, you can try doing a Amethyst Immersion, meaning using several pieces of amethyst jewelry for a few days or a week. Try put on Amethyst earrings and a necklace plus anklets and wear it every day. And what you might want to pay attention to is:

  • observe how you interact with others
  • notice what you react to
  • think about what if you didn’t need to be upset or react
  • let amethyst help you by deflecting negativity away from you
  • keeping your focus on your intentions to heal the problems you encounter

You might make your healing journey joyful by connecting with other friends to work with amethyst jewelry. Then you can compare notes about your progress together.


This is what not to do, when you want to work with healing:

Letting other people handle your jewelry without your consent. When you cleared and intended to work with healing, you programmed your amethyst jewelry to help you, if other people interfere, you must reinforce your own intentions to be healed. If you are doing meditations you can focus your intentions before your meditation session. This usually gives you sufficient support. Many Blessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus


Margherita Crystal Lotus, Community builder at Chakra University on Facebook & Google+ Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS Almost any Amethyst jewelry might be used to support your healing journey.