Agate Properties

Agate properties, Agate Healing, and more!

Agate properties – History and Legend

Agate derives its name from the river Achates in Sicily. Greek philosophy described this gem as early as 300 B.C. It was the stone of warriors in ancient times. The famous ancient Egyptian scarabs are made of agate. Agates are a form of chalcedony quartz. They come in many forms and colors and are among the earliest stones used for healing and bringing good luck.

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Magical Agate Properties

Agate is the must have protection stone. It protects from stress, from bad dreams and is said to protect children from danger. It enables the wearer to distinguish between false friends and true ones. It brings prosperity and creates an appreciation of nature.

Moss Agate

  • Moss Agate helps balance emotional energies
  • It helps to relieve stress and encourage self-confidence
  • It is a stone of abundance, so it attracts wealth and success
  • It brings you closer to nature and if you like the outdoors, this is the stone for you!
  • The green moss agate is especially beneficial for gardeners as the stone will help insure healthy, vigorous plant growth.

Black Agate

  • Black Agate like all black stones protect against negative energies
  • It attracts good fortune and promotes goodwill
  • It helps to overcome fears and brings strength
  • Use this stone for protection, success and courage

Tree Agate

  • Tree Agate or (Dendritic Agate) is known as the stone of abundance
  • It can bring bountiful crops and can help increase the health of plants at home
  • It helps connect with the earth and nature and encourages self-discovery
  • It can help relieve stress and give peace of mind

Grey Agate

  • Grey Agate, like all agates, brings the wearer good luck
  • It was used in ancient times as a talisman to protect from storms and quench thirst
  • Use this stone to foster love, bring abundance, relieve stress and give peace of mind

Agate properties – Agate Healing Powers

Agate is used to treat dizziness, headaches, as well as skin problems. It is essential that the stone should be in contact with the skin near the organ that needs healing. Tired or inflamed eyes may also be alleviated by applying a disk of agate to them. Agate has also been used for countless decades to lessen discomfort experienced during certain days of pregnancy.

~ Moss Agate

  • Moss Agate helps to combat long-term illnesses and speeds up recovery
  • It helps to regulate the circulatory system and improves circulation
  • It also helps to overcome digestive and intestinal disorders
  • Moss Agate stimulates the production of insulin.
  • The cleansing power of the kidneys and lymph system is improved by regularly drinking moss agate water.

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Agate Gemstone Color

Gray-beige to blue, reddish to brown.
Usually arranged in layers in multiple stripes, patterns and decorative shapes.

~Black Agate: Black, White
~Fancy Agate:
~Grey Agate: Shades of grey, white
~Moss Agate: Milky-Clear, Moss green inclusions
~Tree Agate: Green, White

Agate Metaphysical
Chakra classification

Red agates: Solar Plexus Chakra
Blue agates: Throat Chakra
Moss Agate: Heart Chakra
Tree Agate: Heart Chakra

Agate Gemstone Zodiac Star Signs

Gemini / Taurus / Capricorn / Scorpio

Agate Birth Stone Information

Agate is the birthstone for May (Ancient)

Where is Agate Found?

Former volcanic regions; Black Forest, Saxony, Germany; in Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, India, USA.

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