Rose Quartz

What can we Learn about Crystal Healing for Breast Cancer?

Crystal healing for breast cancer is a tricky topic because as you know cancer is such a loaded word, however there are things one may keep in mind such as the way we feel about our selves, think others feel about us and allow ourselves to engage in…


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Love Stones

What can I say… Love is the most important topic in the universe… and crystals the next best! Love and Stones go together: Love Stones! The meaning of Love Stones is two fold:


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Chakra Stones

This article about chakra stones discuss the importance of chakra stones for healing. All Crystal Healing practices include chakra stones as this they are the key point in a healing session.


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Rose Quartz Properties

Rose quartz Properties, Rose quartz Healing, and more!

Rose quartz properties – History and Legend

According to legend, Eros brought Rose quartz to earth in the hope that its beautiful color would arouse love and desire among people. It has been perceived as an important fertility stone for many centuries, as still is today.

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Magical Rose Quartz Properties

  • Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of unconditional love!
  • Opens the heart chakra to family love, platonic love, self-love and romantic love
  • If you are an artist, this stone will enhance your creativity
  • Heal emotional wounds and soothe a broken heart
  • Feel and look younger
  • Bring love and keep love in your life

Rose quartz properties – Rose quartz Healing Powers

  • Rose quartz has a beneficial effect on the heart, blood, and circulation
  • Find sleep with rose quartz under your pillow or by your bedside
  • Placed next to the computer it can prevent headaches and eye fatigue
  • Aids in fertility, sexual problems and emotional imbalances
  • Brings calm and tranquility and lessens anxiety in your life

Below you’ll find more on rose quartz properties including rose quartz gemstone color, rose quartz chakra information, rose quartz birthstone and zodiac…

Rose quartz Gemstone Color


Rose quartz Metaphysical Chakra Classification

Heart Chakra

Rose quartz Gemstone Zodiac Star Sign

Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus, Libra

Where is Rose quartz Found?

Madagascar, Brazil, USA, Austria

We hope you found our Rose quartz properties article helpful! Read about many other gemstone meanings or visit our extensive crystal healing store to find rose quartz gemstones and many other healing stones!

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