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Ruby on Matrix Properties

Ruby on matrix properties, Ruby on Matrix Healing and more!

Ruby on matrix properties – History and Legend

Ruby is known as the “king of gems.”  Ruby on matrix is red and pink ruby crystals surrounded by the charcoal gray and black matrix in which they grew. Ruby is the stone of love and friendship.

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Magical Ruby on Matrix Properties

  • Excellent energy amplification stone
  • Use it to energize the entire energy field of your body
  • Realize love within yourself and express emotion
  • Increase mental concentration
  • Given as a present, it symbolizes love and friendship

Ruby on matrix properties – Ruby on Matrix Healing Powers

  • Ruby helps strengthen the immune system and maintain physical vitality
  • Beneficial for heart disorders
  • Cleanses impurities in blood

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Ruby on Matrix Gemstone Color

Black-grey with pink-red ruby inclusions

Ruby on Matrix Metaphysical Chakra Classification

Heart and Crown Chakra

Ruby on Matrix Gemstone Zodiac Star Sign

Aries, Capricorn

Ruby on Matrix Birth Stone Information

Ruby is the stone for July, symbolizing contentment.

Where is Ruby on Matrix Found?

India, Siberia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Brazil.

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