Chakra Balancing to Remedy the Winter Blues

Chakra balancing and our emotional state have something to do with each other. As a healer or crystal lover you already recognize the truth in this statement. When our system is on a low and we are grumpy or don’t feel like doing much, a tune up of our energy body might pick your up. Our energy body needs our attention as much as our physical body needs food. Although we do this on a subconscious level already, in our everyday conscious awareness most of us are not aware of this.

Chakra balancing is a mood picker upper!

Yes you can do your own chakra balancing at home quite simply, and also use your crystals to help you. Having fun makes it more effective I think. Here is what you do. Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write down in a few words how you feel right now: For example: I am feeling down and out. OK put the paper down and look at what you wrote. Ask yourself what you would like to feel instead. Try to write the opposite, so now we have these two statements:

I am feeling down and out! I am feeling up and in!

Actually that sounds kind of funny here being ‘up and in’ but in truth to be balanced we have to be ‘in’ our body. And now to the crystals…

What crystals to use in my personal chakra balancing?

Find the most attractive crystal in your collection that you absolutely adore. Have a little tray ready and put you first crystal at one end, then pick a stone you least like, put it beside the first one. Then pick a stone that you feel ground you the most. You should now have three stones ready. Here are the detailed steps to continue:

  1. Privacy:Go to a private space or sit down comfortable, have your crystal tray ready
  2. Clearing:Put your hands over the stones and ask the stones to be
    chakra balancing

    Chakra Balancing Wand

    cleared and ready. There are several Clearing Prayers that you can use for this for example: Dear G-D, fill my hands with your healing light to clear these your gifts of the earth with your clarity and light for my chakra balancing meditation. You can create your own Private Healing Prayer as well.

  3. Attune. Now look at your stones, try to see the healing light radiating out from them to you. You use the precious gifts of the earth to direct divine life force energy to you. Try to keep your spine straight and breathe in this energy. Do at least three long and slow breaths.

This is the best and simplest version of chakra balancing I know:

You get the energy levels up right away, because you stated what you want, you asked for chakra balancing and you listen in (attuned). Your body is smart as it fills the energy up where you need it. Imagine pouring water in a jug, the water simply fills the jug from bottom up as the water is poured in. This is the same with energy.

Learn more on Advanced Chakra Balancing with Crystals…

In the next few posts I will discuss more about chakra balancing for individual chakras and situations where chakra balancing can be handy. Stay tuned with Blessings,


Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on chakra balancingMargherita, Author of the Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to crystal practices including Chakra Balancing