Chakra Gemstones Revealing 9 Facts for the Modern Healer

Chakra gemstones such as gemstones in the colors of the chakras are easy to find, but the actual effect on the chakras can be discussed… Let me tell you 9 facts about chakra gemstones

You can use chakra gemstones in your own practice, but what you do with them is crucial for your success in healing!

Reading the nine facts about chakra gemstones, you’ll discover that the things you do, feel and think related to your own chakra gemstones will dictate the effect you seek. I cannot be more passionate about this! You have an opportunity to be passionate about your own success as well, because when you know what to do your capacity and skill is improved as well. Here we go:

Nine facts about chakra gemstones for the modern healer

  1. All gemstones are subject to natural laws and the energy environment, including your own
  2. Any crystal or gemstone with enough natural resonance can be used as a healing tool
  3. Most chakra jewelry and polished gemstones are not made for healing, but for financial interest
  4. Chakra gemstones and jewelry can be effective tools only when used with the right intentions
  5. Crystals and gems will function better if they are cleansed, cleared and programmed beforehand
  6. Chakra gemstones are key components in a crystal healing tool box
  7. The healers role in healing is vital and not dependent on a particular tool or gemstone
  8. Your preparations, including spending time to select, program and use your own chakra gemstones carefully, enhances your capacity as a healer
  9. It is up to you which chakra gemstones you use, as your healing practice is yours and your tools reflect you own ability to help others

How to select the best chakra gemstones for you?

First of all you must be interested in healing to be able to best choose your stones. It might sound redundant reasoning, but I find in my courses that people have all kinds of reasons for doing healing. Here are some examples:

chakra gemstones

This Amazonite wand exhibit 7 chakra gemstones.

  • wanting to change someone’s behavior
  • blaming others and be right about it
  • wanting someone to do the work for them
  • not wanting to get out of their comfort zone
  • continue their own habitual behaviors

Usually the first hour of any course I do, is spent on sorting these ideas out. When you select your chakra gemstones bear this in mind. What is the purpose for my healing? It is a question only you can know, and I invite you to explore this blog and other sources to learn more so that you can make informed choices.

Three qualifications for selecting your chakra gemstones

As described above, the stones and tools you use should include these qualifications:

  1. Have enough natural resonance to act as a healing tool. Your intuitive sense can tell you this, often right away in most cases
  2. Have the right size and shape for your usage
  3. Have the optimal combination of the individual gemstones

Then the rest is up to you! Many Blessings,

chakra gemstones


Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook & Google+, author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS. Selecting chakra gemstones are fun, and a good way to learning about your own healing.