Chakra Meditation for Advanced Chakra Balancing

Advanced crystal practices include chakra balancing, and if you are serious about your own well-being you probably want to hone your skills as much as possible. Here is what you might do…


Chakra Balancing with Quartz crystals


The most common chakra balancing practice includes the use of seven or more quartz points, or a set of chakra stones in the colors of the chakras. They are intended to be placed on each chakra in turn. Most of you know this already, but the effect of your practice should also give you results. Why not evaluate if and what you do with your crystals has the effect you want. In becoming more adept you may also pay attention to:

  • What results do you want?
  • Attuning to what you already have
  • Be open to receive the gifts available


Now with these conditions in place you can begin your path to more advanced crystal meditations.


Chakra Balancing Kit

Chakra Balancing Kit

What is Advanced Chakra Balancing?

In advanced levels of any skill area, you must first master the basic steps. In a previous article I outlined some of the things to pay attention to, like working with healing prayer for the intentions you have. A Healing Prayer is very important when you want to become more attuned to what is going on, because it doesn’t happen on the physical level exactly, but on the subtle energy levels. Chakras are subtle energy organs, with the function of managing your energy on a number of levels. To work on an advanced level, you can study and practice with crystals more deeply. And the deeper levels do touch on your spiritual core. As crystal healing is not a religion and is not proposing you believe in anything other than your own capability to connect to your own source. Healing Prayer becomes an effective tool to use for your chakra balancing. In essence Chakra Balancing is attuning to your inner energy levels for adjusting malfunction or repair injuries to the chakra functions. This is where crystals become useful. Now, let’s talk about stones to use for your chakra balancing.


Advanced Chakra Balancing and Chakra Healing Crystals


If you can state what your area of concern is, you have already begun your healing and balancing process. Let me mention three specific stones that can be used in advanced practices:

  1. Heulandite: This mineral affects the feeling body so you can use it to pinpoint emotional concerns. Specific chakras are sacral chakra and heart chakra. One of Heulandite’s elemental energy properties is Absorbing, which is the watery aspect of earth. This means that you can use Heulandite to help clean up your inner emotions. Learn more about elemental crystal properties in The Crystal Lotus Handbook.
  2. Rose Quartz affects the power of love. Wearing a Crystal Mandala with rosequartz (which is a crystal talisman necklace or bracelet) provides ample opportunity to practice self love. True self love is an advanced practice! Look to see if you feel uncomfortable with someone, if you do – spice up your level of self love by removing such emotions, and turn on your inner dial of self love. Rose Quartz helps you refine your emotional responses to negative emotions.
  3. Lapis Lazuli has a transforming effect, which is the fiery aspect of the element of fire. Use this stone in a chakra medicine bundle or in a chakra balancing layout to change knowledge into wisdom.


Let your personal journey proceed towards complete happiness… Blessings,


Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer for www.CrystalHealingClub.comMargherita, community builder on Chakra University on Facebook and Author of the Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to crystal practices including Chakra Balancing.