Chakra Meditation on Crystal Attunement: Receiving the Three Blessings

The beauty of chakra meditation is you learn about yourself and the directions you take in your life. Here follows part 2 of how you use Crystal Attunements with your healing stone.


Receiving the Blessings in your chakra meditation

Perhaps you have already done the Four Preparations I described previously if not: see my last post. Basically you learn how to set your space and prepare yourself and your stone. Now lets move on to the Three Blessings in a chakra meditation! After you have prepared you may receive attunements through your crystal. What does this mean?

  • Firstly: You are CLEAR! If you try to fill a cup that is already full you wont be able to put anything more into it, but you will spill all over the place and create a mess. Translated into your life that might mean you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or depressed. So you see that preparation is necessary for progress!
  • Secondly: Your are PRESENT! And if you are not present you are not able to receive much, because you simply won’t see the gifts available to you.
  • Thirdly: You are OPEN! In the state of openness you can receive, if not you block all the things you deeply really want. And if you prepare yourself with deeper chakra meditation, you are really blessed as things come your way almost without effort.


Chakra meditation on the First Blessing – Core Vibration:

An attunement is an energy exchange with something you put your attention

Rose Quartz for chakra meditation and crystal attunement.

Rose Quartz ideal for Self-Love Core Vibration.

on. It could be anything, such as a person or a goal. In Crystal Attunements we may receive an energy exchange of with a particular crystal or crystal combination. It is the core energy of a particular healing stone. For example Rose Quartz has a general and widely acknowledged property of Love and Self-Love in particular. That’s why we call it the Self-Love Stone. So let’s assume we are using a Rose Quartz for the chakra meditation on the First Blessing! Here is what you do:

  1. After setting your space, relaxing and beginning to gaze on the crystal before you, just ask to be attuned with the first blessing of Core Vibration of your healing stone!
  2. The feeling state you would like here is that of openness to what that Core Vibration is for you. Just stay present with this idea, and then your mind may follow it.
  3. The first blessing is this: being able to receive what your healing crystal shows you and model for you like a tuning fork! Can you follow? If not, continue with spending more time on your preparation steps.

To receive the First Blessing in your chakra meditation means that…

You have achieved being open, present and clear! Now if you have some opinions about what you have received, let’s say you think that the crystal you chose was not the right color or the best shape, or anything else that doesn’t fit you. Watch out! Your mighty ego is afoot. And clearly if you involve your ego, it will influence anything, and all your experiences. So ask yourself this: Am I involving my ego, or not? In the next post I will explain more about that, and the Second Blessing of Crystal Attunements. Enjoy your Blessings,


Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer for www.CrystalHealingClub.comMargherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals including healing chakra meditation.