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chakra stones

A crystal wand with chakra stones.

Chakras and Chakra Stones in Crystal Healing

Chakra Stones are stones that when you use them consciously affect our subtle body in beneficial way. In this article I will explore chakras and chakra stones and their uses and also give you 7 chakra tips for spiritual progress working with chakra stones.

Usually a set of chakra stones are different colored gem stones, either individually in a medicine bag or set in crystal talismans or chakra jewelry. The colors of chakra stones normally represent the seven major chakras.

There are many thousands of gemstones and minerals that can be used as chakra stones to affect our subtle body. Each of the chakra stones vibrates to  certain frequencies or energetic signature. It is this signature or Crystal Key (see definition below) that we use in crystal healing to release inner blocks and obstacles.

Chakras are closely related to our subtle body. In fact one could say they are the subtle body. But let’s start in the beginning…

In any human being there are several life aspects: physicality, life force, mind, senses, perception, consciousness, dreams, and intentions. We are in fact a kaleidoscope of cells, energy, ideas and a core consciousness. In our physical dimension, being in a physical body, working, eating and sleeping etc. we can live out our life without ever knowing anything about chakra stones or what I just said about chakras. So why are chakras and chakra stones so important to know about?

If you are hungry you eat something that is not rocket science. Realize that we can be hungry also in different ways! For example yearning for love, needing emotional support or craving meaning in life. Those things do not exist in the physical dimension, but on another plane of reality.

Can you see the emotional dimension? No, you would only see its result by someone expressing their emotion, as tears or facial expressions. In the same way we can see the result of intense heat on the pavements as shimmering wave patterns in the air. But we cannot see the heat itself, only its physical expression.

A clairvoyant person sees things normal people cannot see. They are seeing on another level, a subtle dimension present within our physical world. We could call this the subtle dimension for clarity. You see it is up to us to define things or group things together. It is a mental capability we have: to work with ideas and concepts. Chakra stones for example are such a concept, but it can help us. Other concepts are: make believe, fantasy, or imagination. Before you discard this line of thinking let me tell you about my dream.

I had a dream, that dream was to come to the Americas and visit my rich aunt. I had that dream since I was 8 years old. It was not a dream you would have in the night sleeping, but an idea coming from some where, a knowing. I don’t ever know where it came from – it was just there. Later in life I indeed moved to Canada, that was 20 years ago. Thinking about my dream – I thought: I don’t have an aunt here, but I realized that I was that aunt. I had become my dream!  And I am indeed an aunt to several nieces and nephews and abundantly rich in the sense of happiness. Ideas, or fantasies are powerful, they create our life.

If you have intentions that are make-believe fantasies in this moment, keeping them alive manifest as physical tangible events or physical objects. A pregnancy follows this line too. So chakra stones follows the same idea.

Now if you can accept that we are made up of various parts in several different dimensions a discussion of chakras and chakra stones makes better sense.

Why use Chakra Stones?

The key here is what makes chakra stones interesting in the first place? It is simply the idea that “I can make my life better.” If you are angry, bored or unhappy you naturally want to change something to make it better. If you generate enough of negative feelings you can easily manifest depression or an illness, or take action on your strong desire for change.

When you generate love or happiness, those feelings will create a life of happiness and love. It is that simple really, but now you want to buy a set of chakra stones. In your mind you might feel they will help you to be balanced and fix your problems that you feel you have. In any case the chakra stones set you saw was really beautiful and you want it. Great you have the right to chose what you want. Still all of these things I have described here occur on the mental and emotional aspects of our subtle body.

So what is the Subtle Body?

The Subtle Body is a generic name for the non-physical aspects of us that exists as energy, feelings, and thoughts. It is one of the three major parts of us. Our being can be divided into the following dimensions: Physical, Subtle and Pure Consciousness. Your Subtle Body is that part of the subtle dimension that pertains to your particular individuality. Ok, now we can go on to talk about the chakras and chakra stones.

Chakras are subtle energy organs. You can compare them to your stomach. Food goes in and is digested, mulled around and passed on into your intestines. What you get out of it is nutrients that your body needs. Chakras are just like that. They take in raw nutrients and process them, thereby giving you nourishment on that level. These raw nutrients are energies in various forms. But just as you can not plug in your 220 volt dryer into a 110 volt outlet, the energy has to be transformed and adapted to the level you can use. Chakras do just that and more. So you see we need a lot of different levels to sustain us.

That craving for “meaning of your life” might mean your crown chakra is starving. You get impulses and are attracted to things that will give you more meaning, as you must feed that part of yourself, simple but not so clear to everyone. Your need for support on an emotional level might mean your sacral chakra needs feeding and your yearning for love means your heart is famished. Ah..ha now we get closer to the chase…

How do I feed my chakras? Here come the chakra stones – as handy snacks for your chakras! Well now – don’t joke with me some might say!

How to use crystals and chakra stones in chakra healing?

You see the color of a stone, let’s say Rose Quartz, it is pink. That colour is an aspect of light hitting the surface of the stone and you detecting it with your eyes. Then you have a feeling or thought about what you see. For example: “Oh that is Rose Quartz, I love Rose Quartz, and this one is so beautiful, I feel good holding it.” That response within you reinforces a positive response, a positive intention and thus resulting in you feeling good. This part is clear! But there is another level to this as well, that of subtle frequency and healing vibration of a stone.

In my own meditations and experience I found that each healing stone (or mineral) including the chakra stones, has a specific signature vibration, which we can use in crystal healing. Crystal healing is a modality that uses crystals as a lens to focus energy to the correct vibration needed to release blockages hindering us to live healthy. So if we find a set of healing stones like the chakra stones that resonate directly with our chakras, we can use this to heal ourselves. You could take your set of chakra stones and use them as a layout or wear them within healing jewelry. The result would be that your system becomes more balanced. That is the whole idea!

What stones can be used as chakra stones?

My crystal teacher Katrina Raphaell taught me about the “Balancing Layout” of 8 chakra stones to create balance in our chakra system. These eight chakra stones are a powerful combination for achieving (in my experience) a balancing effect on our subtle body. To work with all the chakra levels at once in this way is helpful for complete balancing. The result can be felt as being: grounded, nurtured, empowered, reassured, loved, centered, calmed and connected. These words relate to the chakras one by one, from bottom upwards.

These eight chakra stones are eight manifestation of quartz: Smokey Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst and Clear Quartz. You’ll notice that these chakra stones do not necessarily have the same colour as the proposed colour of the chakras promoted so widely in the west.

What is more important is that we receive the effect we need form the chakra stones. Having said that, each person is different and have different issues in their life and that goes for you too. If you feel the need different chakra stones and place it on  different chakras than the norm. That is perfectly fine. I am only giving you a set of chakra stones that have worked for me. The whole point is: by you exploring for yourself what works for you, you receive the benefit of your labour directly. Period!

I should mention the individual chakras as well, starting from the bottom: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Navel Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. You’ll notice that in addition to the 7 chakras the navel chakra is added. Why is that?

There are a myriad of chakras in your body. Wherever energy channels meet there is a chakra, for example: at each tip of your fingers, in your palms, at your knees in your feet. All these points take in and release energy of various frequencies. We are really looking like a well decorated Christmas tree with little lights all over. The little lights are our chakras.

My teacher found that in the west, we have forgotten the Navel Chakra, which is our true energy centre. The Solar Plexus Chakra is really only a minor chakra compared with the Navel Chakra in the sense that here (in the west) we have put a lot of attention to individuality and ego. Hence the Solar Plexus Chakra in many people here has huge imbalances. An imbalance there may result in stomach ulcers, stress and cancers in that region. Also heart attacks and panic attacks may be preceded by imbalances in our solar plexus. Just look around, is everybody trying to: getting ahead, working crazy hours, desire fame and wanting millions of dollars? So focussing on the Navel as well creates a more balanced distribution of energies within you. Why not pay attention to that?

7 CHAKRA TIPS for spiritual progress with chakra stones

To sum up chakra stones are tools we can use to help us in our healing. I will leave you with these 7 chakra tips you can use when working with your chakra stones:

1. Let your own guidance show you what you need

2. Experience first hand what the effects are

3. Just because something is in print, it is not necessarily true

4. Trust your own intuition and choose what is good for you

5. Only select crystals and tools you feel will help you

6. Learn from others who have truly experienced life for themselves

7. Commit yourself to your personal practice without doubt

To Summarize: Chakra Stones in Healing

Working with chakra stones may be an inroad to your personal healing journey, take help from them to learn about yourself and what your personal goals and mission are, but before you teach others about chakra stones, know them sincerely and deeply for yourself first. Then you might become a true master in your own right and can teach about chakra stones accurately.

Many Blessings / Margherita,

Author of “The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An  Essential Guide to  Crystals”

Crystal Definitions:

Chakra definition: Sanskrit word meaning wheel (of energy). It is a subtle energy organ for transforming and utilizing energy we need to live.

Chakra Stones definition: a set of stones usually meant to affect our major chakras for health and well-being.

Crystaldefinition: an individual mineral, which is raw, terminated point, cluster, tumbled, polished or set in jewelry.

Crystal Healing definition: the art of laying-on-of-stones as a means of affecting our subtle body for health on all levels.

Crystal Key definition: specific signature vibration unique to each crystal, which can be used for balancing our subtle body and as a result heals our problems.

Crystal Talisman definition: One or more stones put together with a clear intention for healing.

Stone definition: a mineral (with unique chemistry, e.g. rose quartz), or rock (combination of minerals, e.g.. granite). A chakra stone consequently is specific mineral used for healing.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on healing crystals chakra stones


Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS. Chakra stones can help you as well.