Crystal Healing for MS

Crystal Healing for MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

How to address crystal healing for MS, a disease which science has not found a definite cause of!

“Most likely MS occurs as a result of some combination of genetic, environmental and infectious factors, and possibly other factors like vascular problems. Epidemiological studies of MS have provided hints on possible causes for the disease. Theories try to combine the known data into plausible explanations, but none has proved definitive.” Quote from Wikipedia

But this condition is causing suffering for many, so in wait for conventional methods to appear, we propose to help sufferers by suggesting crystal healing for MS. The reasons are clearly:
* trying to address the core cause
* use only safe alternatives healing modalities
* apply easy to use techniques

First I want to assure you what we suggest here is not in contradictions with your doctors advice or prescriptions. No, our intentions are to help you deal with your condition.

Meditation and Crystal Healing for MS

Apophyllite is an ideal crystal for meditation

Apophyllite for crystal healing for MS

It is said: All arise in the mind. To me this means we can address anything that is causing us problem by investigating our own mind. Here we have a condition which seemingly attacks the brain and nervous system, the very physical organs that carry out mental commands. Some of our mental commands are hard wired in our constitution. Examples are the subconscious but vital impulse to breathe and the beating pace of the heart. You know that when you get terrified your heart beat increases. Your mind is closely linked with what you think and believe. This is something with which we can actively work on in a meditation and crystal healing for ms.

If you want to do crystal healing for ms, you can think about what your healing intentions would be. When you have a clear idea, go with that! It could be: “I want to deal with my condition better.” As soon as you are clear, then do this step by step healing meditation:
1. Where ever you are in each moment. Hold your healing intention foremost in your mind!
2. For the next 10 seconds, stay with your healing intention counting ten seconds
3. Repeat many times a day

You might choose a palm sized crystal placed before you as a support for your healing intention. The crystal help you focus your eyes and thereby stilling your mind long enough for your healing intention to take effect. Choosing crystals for meditation is easy; pick a cluster or a single point that strongly resonate for you. Personally I would suggest the mineral pink Heulandite, this because the soft and loving feeling I have when working with it.

Other things to support you with crystal healing for MS

To get extra support set up a healing space where you are, it could be a window ledge where you keep a crystal or a little bag in your pocket containing meaningful items to you, but the best option is to create a healing space in your heart. When you access this space, you accept all and everything as perfect, then suffering is no longer an option. You can start with the outside first then going in and developing your heart space. Try crystal healing for ms until you understand this. It is possible to live happy without engaging in suffering and pain.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on crystal healing for msWith sincere blessings to all who live with ms,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS You might try crystal healing for ms.