Crystal Healing for Negativity

If you are using crystal healing for negativity there are some vital points to consider! Have you thought of why the negativity has appeared in your life? When you are applying a remedy for something you might also try to eliminate the cause for the bad things happening to you. So what are the things that cause negativity? Here are a few suggestions to analyze:

  • other people’s actions
  • negative energy
  • bad karma
  • my medical condition
  • all the bad things that happen to me before

Let’s try this: when you apply crystal healing for negativity for other people’scrystal healing for negativity actions. What do you think will happen? We might call our guiding angel to assist us and select good healing stones. We could do a crystal layout with Citrine, as an example. Citrine is a good clearing stone. Then we check in. Do we feel better about how the other people act? Do you think they will stop the behavior? Probably not, but you might not be so affected by whatever they are doing!


Using Crystal Healing for Negativity (specifically Negative Energy)

Aha here is a good point, because the term negative energy is so general and it does not pin point any particular thing or person. We can dump all bad things we feel into a convenient container called negative energy. But can you do very much about it?

Let’s try: here we can make a crystal grid around our house to protect it and ourselves. We select some Hematite which is a good boundary stone. Then we tune in with our guiding angel again, listening for any answer to how this works. Yes we took some measure to relieve ourselves from feeling oppressed by the negative energy we perceived. Meaning we gathered our own energy back a bit by the crystal work. Result? Yes the energy doesn’t affect us that bad any more. So that was worth the effort don’t you think? And what about…


You say you were going to do Crystal Healing for Negativity, but never got around to it…


This is an example of bad karma, you were not applying a remedy when you could have, so now the bad things keeps coming. Not to scare you here, but it is better to try something sincerely rather than just talk about it. You could use a crystal talisman to remind you to see what is coming your way. Then you literally told yourself what is important for you. You decide what it is of course. You can select any number of crystals to help you.

I personally would use Peridot here, because it is the stone of humor and joy. If we feel lousy it is harder to act, but when you are brimming with positive feelings it is easier. This is a way to change bad karma into good. You could do it every second and reap better rewards than before. Not to medical problems and our child hood…


Crystal Healing for negativity is a valuable tool to help improve our life!


For the last two items:

  • my medical condition
  • all the bad things that happen to me before

I will address those in the next post, stay tuned by signing yourself up to this newsletter. See you soon.

crystal writer on crystal healing for negativityMany Blessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals including  how to apply Crystal Healing for negativity.