Crystal Meaning – The Second Blessing of Crystal Attunements

Crystal meaning may guide us when we choose a crystal for our meditation, and it is the meaning it has in connection to us, which is important. The second blessing of crystal attunement is the crystal meaning. In previous posts I outlined the four preparations and the first blessing of crystal attunement meditations. Read on…


What is the Blessing of Crystal Meaning?

The main reason we seek meaning is ultimately to find out our purpose in life!

Crystal Meaning for Amethyst is to allow change.

One Crystal Meaning for Amethyst is to allow for healthy change.

To be a seeker is to be looking for the parts of ourselves we feel are missing. Our crystals help us see this. And if we apply our preparations, study and practice – we create an energetic vibration that will attract the answers we seek, and as I shared before…

The first blessing of Crystal Attunement is that of Core Vibration. Let me explain: If you strike a note on the keyboard, a sound will appear. This sound is the core vibration of that note. The note F will appear and sound differently on different instruments, some gives resonant cords and others just the pure tone. This is the same with crystals. Therefore a crystal can give you many meanings to the same core vibration. The word meaning can be translated as your interpretation.


How to receive the second blessing of crystal meaning?

You prepare by setting up your private space and relaxing your eyes to gaze at your selected healing stone. Now we watch ourselves carefully. I assume you already have received the first blessing of the core vibrations from your crystal, if not you can always check back with that in your next meditation. Get started to actually learn the specific crystal meaning here:

  1. GAZE softly onto a point on your crystal; ask to receive the second blessing of crystal meaning. Breathe normally, let your mind settle into that single point without straining.
  2. WATCH your mind carefully, I spoke about opinions of ego in the last post. Now we pay careful attention to our inner dialogue. Most of us have a steady stream of chatter going all the time. Some of you cannot affect this stream to the point of it taking over your life. While gazing you may notice that you can gaze more concentrated, or more relaxed – see which way lets you feel freer.
  3. RECEIVE all your thoughts like watching the ticker on Facebook without engaging in any of the comments, stories or images. After a while this stream fades out into a clear space of understanding. This is the blessing of the crystal meaning.


Crystal Meaning is also Your Meaning

To get perspective of how our thoughts create our world is mastery! You will find that many assign meanings to specific crystals, but it is words only. When you interact and meditate with your crystals as spiritual tools, you step up to a different level of mastery. Then the words become alive as YOUR experience, then you have received the second blessing of your Crystal Attunement.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer for www.CrystalHealingClub.comMargherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS. The crystal meaning of Amethyst is your own experience of accepting changes in your life.