Crystal Pendulums

You will learn about the basics of crystal pendulums, shapes, how to dowse and some tips of questions to ask and:

  1. What are crystal pendulums?
  2. What is Dowsing?
  3. Why are there so many shapes to crystal pendulums and which one should I use?

Crystal Pendulums are pendulums made of crystals of some kind.

A pendulum is any object held by a string or chain that is used in the process of dowsing. A variety of crystals may be used for a personal pendulum, and it is up to you as the dowser to choose the most ideal instrument of precision to use for the questions you might ask. Such questions may include: ascertaining variables within a healing session, such as chakra status, organ status and if to proceed with applying a certain healing technique or not.

Crystal Pendulums and Dowsing

In Crystal Healing, correct dowsing does not pry into other peoples private life but are used only to facilitate healing and well-being for yourself or for others with their permission. Other areas of dowsing may include the intent to find a well of water or oil, and as well finding out whether or not a food item is beneficial for us to ingest.

Other healing uses for crystal pendulums include moving energy, such as investing energy to address exhaustion, or to move out excess energy pockets causing pain or discomfort.

Dowsing is an inner intuitive process in which a person, the dowser, attunes to the knowable fields of consciousness (also called the Akashic Records). By doing so he or she may access information that may concern a personal problem, illness or interaction. By asking skilled questions the dowser may receive clarity on a situation that sub-consciously he or she already know about, but are not consciously aware of.

The beauty of dowsing (which can be done using any pendulum or crystal pendulums) is that in essence we allow our mind to relax and thereby gain access to what we know already.

Learn more about dowsing and using crystal pendulums in The Crystal Lotus Handbook, which features an entire chapter on this unique art.

Why are there so many shapes to crystal pendulums and which one should I use?

You may see the parallel question about how many questions can a person

crystal pendulums

Advanced practices with crystal pendulums include the Merkaba shape.

have? In reality you may only need one pendulum, but if you are working in the healing field it is good to know that different shapes do different jobs. You can use any object on a string as a pendulum. Yon might have seen a variety of pendulums available at various shows and in metaphysical stores that are selling crystals.

Pointed pendulums are excellent to use when you need precise movement when dowsing over a chart. It is easier to read numbers and percentages when the point in sharper or more elongated.

Pointed rectangular, I use an uncut quartz point pendulum to test chakra function. It has a more rectangular shape. It feels better to me, and I can also use it to open a chakra. Generally Clear Quartz goes a long way before any other material for use in a pendulum.

A round pendulum without a point, are excellent for smoothing and harmonizing energy. Sometimes I need to work with a huge energy release, and then I might use a non-pointed pendulum to subdue and neutralize that energy. Here Jasper, Bloodstone and Rose quartz would add to the work. A small crystal orb pendulum would be ideal to use for such purpose. I haven’t built one yet, but we might see it before long.

Wand like pendulums: I have seen a 2” long elongated thin laser crystal used as a pendulum. That was unusual but effective in cutting away stuck energy that, of course the person you work with should give you permission before you attempt such a thing. Pendulums with blue or black Kyanite can also prove effective to work with in release.

Geometrical shapes like the platonic solids are very popular as pendulums.  The dodecahedral shape resonates deeply with my heart chakra. Sodalite (the logic stone) is great in that shape to bring our thinking mind in line with the higher work of the heart. Both Sodalite and Aventurine are good stones to use in a healing situation. Aventurine pendulums are highly beneficial, in situations where the Solar Plexus chakra is out of balance. Just by moving the pendulum over the chakra may help it to relax and accommodate emotional instability.  Especially the icosahedral shape may facilitate that. It is best that you test your pendulum to see how you can use it best.

Disc like pendulums: Some pendulums exhibit sort of stacked discs, these are interesting and useful for energy dowsing even outside, and to detect various earth energies.

Everyone needs their own personalized tools. That is true in any trade. Similarly, there is no lack of inventiveness when it comes to crystal pendulums!

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on chakra healing and crystal pendulumsBlessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS Good Luck with your crystal pendulums.