Crystal Properties and the Art of Healing with Crystals

crystal properties

Fluorite Sphere

This topic requires consideration, because each person using crystals dependent general crystal properties will get a different result. No two people are exactly the same, so you can understand that we need to know what the situation is for the person who wants healing with stones.


Crystal properties have been understood since ancient times

In our day and age with informational overload, it can be hard to actually find out what crystal properties are. The crystal lore has amassed a plethora of writing on this topic including this post. Most experts have their own view of what they are. And that is OK because it will matter to you, if you find out what a particular crystal can assist you with. Now lets go over the various ways to discover crystal properties.


Healing methods and practices using crystal properties

The first one is definitely Crystal Healing! This is a modality in which stones and gems are placed on a person’s body, to affect the subtle body and chakras. If the healing session was successful the person allowed an alignment of the energies that was causing problems. If many stones were used, which is often the case; one couldn’t say for sure which stone affected what.


The second technique is using Gem Elixirs. It is a convenient tool as you use the essence of a gem (a tincture, like flower essences) to address some problem you have. And you can put together a  few Gem Elixir in your personal tool kit. To test them use suggested number of drops in your drinking water. That way you can begin to detect what effects each gem has one by one.


crystal propertiesThe third method is wearing a Crystal Talisman over a period of time for a certain purpose your select, then you can monitor the effect you receive. I propose that you might learn to discover what crystal properties your stones have even more directly with Crystal Attunements.


Crystal Attunements to find the crystal properties

As crystal healer you can only find out how the stones work by actually experiencing the effects. Then you know for sure, and don’t need to overwhelm yourself with tons of reading about it. No-one got enlightened by intellectual knowledge alone. No, you must experience and put your own experience into practice. If you are serious about actually knowing about crystal properties follow this 5 step training:


  1. SELECT: Go and evaluate which stones and crystals you have and select a small number of them lets say 3 main crystals to work with for the moment.
  2. PRIVATE TIME: Give yourself some private time each day for your crystal attunements
  3. DOCUMENT: Get your self a Journal is optional but find a way to document what your experiences are in each healing stone attunement
  4. COMMIT: Ground yourself and make the decision to actually explore crystal properties for the selected stones
  5. ATTUNE: Gifting yourself an attunement is the key here, because it will bring you into contact with the essence of what we are talking about here.

I will detail healing stone attunements in more detail in my next post so stay tuned to this blog! In the meantime ask your questions or state your experience…

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on crystal properties



Margherita, Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An essential Guide to Crystals, including crystal properties for healing.