Crystal Vibrations

Crystal Vibrations what are they? All matter has certain “vibrations” created of the subatomic particles within each material. We learn that some materials like paper or organic matter deteriorate quickly. Crystals however are carriers of the original vibration that created the earth itself, and because of their extreme life length we may use this property of crystals to heal and align with this perfect vibration of creation. No other physical matter on the earth has consistently been in physical form longer than our crystals.

Crystal vibrations are the inherent energy of the crystals themselves.  The crystal vibrations of one crystal is different from another crystal. Each crystal vibration is unique.

crystal vibrations

Kyanite Spheres vibrate to letting go.

Each individual crystal such as Smokey Quartz or blue Kyanite has individual color and unique  crystal vibrations. We may use specific crystal vibrations to deal with our problems.  Most problems are caused by blocked energy in our body. And using specific minerals suited to match the blocking frequency we  balance ourselves better. As a result you can release the negative energies that is causing you problems.

Those of you who are sensitive to feeling energy can feel these crystal vibrations as well. Some crystal vibrations are strong, some calm – and each can be used to heal a particular issue. And together with a skilled healing facilitator we may be assisted to heal what ails us.

Crystal Vibrations – Why do crystals work?

Crystal properties include the effects of grounding, aligning and expanding and to get the most accurate understanding we suggest you explore these qualities in your own practice with various crystals, then you have direct experience from which you may masterfully life your life. Learning about Crystal Vibrations is just the start!

If you need healing, the crystal vibrations may guide you to health. Learn how to feel crystal vibrations:

How you start: Select your favorite crystal. Clean it perhaps by rinsing it with water then clear it by smudge or reiki energy. So now you are ready to discover the crystal vibrations.

Sit conformable: Hold your hands on the crystal or above it. Slightly move your hands to an area where you may feel something. What you are looking for is sensation of heat or coolness, tingling or well being.

Stabilize and extract your sensation: Take your hands away, maybe smudge them and your crystal, and start again to feel the crystal. After several times doing this you may notice a pattern of what you feel. This is what we want to discover here.

Verify by using a different crystal: Now select another crystal and try feeling the crystal vibrations. Clear yourself in between each test. By now you may have discovered an altogether different feeling. Now try the same crystal again and see if the feeling is consistent.

By repeating your test with the first crystal several times you gain insight in what crystal vibrations the first crystal have. And then we try a second crystal. By doing this you can indeed verify that the two crystals have different crystal vibrations. Continue to work with this method until you are confident in what you feel.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal healing writer on crystal vibrationBlessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS Crystal Vibrations are everywhere enjoy!