Crystal Yoga

Crystal Yoga for Health and Healing

Crystal Yoga is an ancient healing and practice tradition that aims to unify us with our inner divine self. Yoga in general means yoke or union. We have gained a vast knowledge base about all forms of yoga e.g. Hatha Yoga, through the traditions from India other East Asian countries that include asanas (postures) and vinyasas (breath synchronized movements). Lesser known yogas involve devotional practices (Bhakti Yoga) and mantra recitation (Japa Yoga). Using regular work as practice(Karma Yoga) is common at retreats.

The root of Crystal Yoga goes far back to the beginnings of consciousness on the earth.

Margherita defines Crystal Yoga as a practice though the challenges we have in life, and utilizing crystals and crystal healing tools to assist us in that process to gain mastery of our life. Thus we may gain union with our higher self, which is that part of us that still is joined with our genuine source of being.

Crystal yoga comprises personal practice with crystals and their elemental qualities which are explained in detail in “The Crystal Lotus Handbook” by Margherita

In this day and age crystal yoga with gemstones becomes a powerful tool forcrystal yoga developing your mind. Many stones can be used in crystal yoga and chakra healing work. An ideal stone combination can be three large crystals set in a triangular grid around the space where you do your meditations. Personally I favor clear quartz, but also minerals in the zeolite family: Heulandite, Apophyllite and Stilbite. You can see an example in the cover photo for our Facebook page take a look if you like.

How do we do crystal yoga as a meditation?

Crystal Yoga is a meditation method that when done correctly brings you to deeper realizations about your self and the functioning of the world. How does this translate in daily life? Well you can try the triangular crystal grid with some zeolite crystals. During times when I worked in such a grid, I felt lifted and transported to a calm center point inside of myself. And from this point one have a greater possibility to affect ones life for the better. In fact sometimes there is a sense of seeing yourself living and breathing from an objective perspective, from the outside in. It is very refreshing. In essence when you reach similar realizations you are closer to actually do actual crystal yoga.

It has been said that Crystal Yoga “completes an original contract between Earth and Heaven, thereby becoming capable of activating the full potential of the seed crystal in one’s spiritual heart, towards illumination and integral healing.” (quote from: Crystal Yoga by R. Calverley). According to legend, what we now term Crystal Yoga originated in Lemuria and Atlantis. Remnants of this profound and ancient Traditional Way can be found throughout the indigenous world, in places as far removed as India, Peru, Hawaii, Tibet, and the American Southwest.

Each step of Crystal Yoga practice is intuitive-experiential, and involves working with one’s own chakras, energy fields and consciousness, through the use of crystals and crystal tools, such as a Crystal Mandala Talismans.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on healing crystals and crystal yoga

Yogic Blessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals and crystal yoga.