Crystals and healing How to do crystal healing in daily life

The fact that crystals and healing go together is proven to me every time I see a crystal. Why is that?


The energetic signature of crystals and healing intentions are highly compatible

When I see a crystal I can also see its vibrational signature, or rather I feel it.

crystals and healing

Amethyst is ideal for allowing inner change to take place.

Sometimes it appears as an image, but most of the times it is this signature that resonates most. And rightly so, because this vibrational quality of crystals is what makes healing possible. Just think about it, we are surrounded by crystals as minerals in our diet, as rocks and regular stones we walk on, as the ground we build houses on, and as mountains setting our whole life experience in perspective. Crystals and healing are inevitable; we will heal our issues sooner or later. Crystals and healing together speeds up the process! You may ask: Why would I as a regular person want to do healing?


If you intend to be happy you can use crystals and healing methods suitable to you to fulfill this goal!

There are several consideration regarding crystals and healing. Here I will share with you some of the ways I have found gives the best results!


5 Ways to Happiness with crystals and healing techniques:

  1. Remembering my goals. Crystals can be programmed for your intentions, in the same way you can program a computer: Write the program. Install it. Now use it! Translated to healing it means every time you see your crystals you remember your goals.
  2. Reinforce my motivation. You may have started several projects only to discover that you got distracted, or forgot about them. Then the remnants of the projects will become an obstacle instead of helping you. For example: You want to plant a small garden, and buy all the gear and seeds, but you don’t actually plant anything… and the result is frustrating for most, then these items take up space in your garage. And years later, you discover all the projects you wanted to do by the remaining trails of stuff cluttering your space.. Does this feel familiar? If instead you programmed your amethyst jewelry to finish your project. Then every time you wear it, you are reinforcing your motivation to work on your project.
  3. Deeper healing. Use crystals and healing your deeper issues. No one really wants to dig out that stuff, because it was too painful to begin with, and the longer we wait the harder it is. But at some point we must deal with it. It comes up at the most inconvenient time as a rule. If you realize this, using crystals and healing these issues at your own pace you can save yourself a lot of hardship.
  4. Use crystals and healing as a mirror to see that other people’s problems are just a reflection to your own problems. When I carry my favorite stone, the crystal will amplify this process, and I can rectify myself immediately. Then why go into length emotional turmoil over a minor issue? Be happy instead!
  5. Crystals and healing forgiveness: Some stones lend themselves to healing to forgive grave injustices we felt in the past! The best two crystals I know for that is: Rose Quartz and Amethyst. Rose Quartz for learning how to love yourself enough to discard your aggregation, and Amethyst to let go and change your ideas that makes you suffer. Why not try this?

I wish you success on your journey. Many Blessings,

crystals and healingMargherita Crystal Lotus, Community builder at Chakra University on Facebook & Google+ Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS Use your precious crystals and healing result will come sooner…