Crystals in Healing Ceremony and How to Prepare Yourself

There are 1000 major crystals in healing that seem to have beneficial effect. This number is growing exponentially as more people learn about crystal properties. The main crystal group include varieties of Quartz, such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Agate and Jasper. My favorite energy healing crystals are also found within the Feldspar and Calcite group, represented by Labradorite, Moonstone, Amazonite and all colors of Calcite.

Purpose for crystals in healing ceremony

Using a healing ceremony to connect with your crystals can be fun and also quite rewarding. The main purpose for your healing ceremony can be:

  • Celebration of a happy event, a birth, a marriage, new career
  • Prayer for affecting a certain outcome: protection, prosperity, or happiness
  • Gratitude for all that you have, and the people you cherish
  • Last Farewell for someone or something you loved
  • Healing of what troubles you

To engage with crystals in healing ceremony you may first

A wand made for crystals in healing ceremony

Using a wand with Labradorite & chakra crystals in healing ceremony may enhance your experience.

think about what you are feeling.

Because it is the state of feeling that moves the world around (not money as many people believe). So choose carefully which crystals you will bring to your personal healing ceremony. If you celebrate a new birth: a baby, a new project, a new work opportunity -  use bright, positive and cheerful crystals in healing for that purpose. Stones to choose can be Citrine, Unakite, Carnelian, or Sunstone.

How to arrange your crystals in healing ceremony?

A gratitude ceremony can be conducted with many pieces of Rose Quartz on your special altar, or out in nature on a large rock. For those who want to include payers as well: clear quartz and amethyst are always helpful. Usually you would follow these steps for arranging the crystals you have selected:

  1. Preparation: after you decided what kind of healing ceremony you are doing, bring the selected crystals and proceed to the place of the ceremony
  2. Clearing: Make sure the entire space is clean and ready for your ceremony, light candles and if you are inclined, smudge the area to cleanse it
  3. Meditate on the purpose for your crystals in healing your particular issue or event. Here you have a unique opportunity to get clarity on your role. The placement of stones set up an energetic atmosphere that helps you fulfill your intentions.
  4. Receive Guidance as to where and how to place your crystals and what you need to do. If you are unsure just make a circle with your stones around what you are celebrating or working on.
  5. Rewards may come to you in form of insights, blessings or other gifts. A ceremony is also an ideal occasion for tuning in with your spirit guides and angels.

Results of using your crystals in healing ceremony

Every time I have done a healing ceremony with crystals I reached some conclusion about my own actions (or non actions). You too can adjust your behavior a bit to not cause harm or grief to yourselves or others. The crystals help you to anchor a feeling of completion for almost anything that is going on. Being sincere in your intentions, as good begets good, harm begets harm. Healing ceremony helps us respect ourselves and other people, and you might also discover how to be happier. Thanks for reading!

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer for



Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals in Healing.