Do not be ashamed to do Crystal Healing for Anxiety

Anxiety is a quite common affliction to many people and one should try all methods available including crystal healing for anxiety and other debilitating conditions.

How to apply crystal healing for anxiety?

First we must understand what anxiety is. It is created when we feel totally helpless to deal with what is at hand and the stress is overwhelming. This may result in anxiety and even panic attacks.The first measure is always to remove yourself from the situation and start breathing. The three suggestions in crystal healing for anxiety include:

  1. Stop the action and start breathing
  2. Take a calming crystal in your hand
  3. Breathe slowly and attune to the crystal

The effectively of these steps for using calming stones and crystal healing for anxiety are profound when you actually apply them!

Holding a special stone while you focus on your breathe gives a grounding and secure feeling. Then you can relax and release the tensions and stress. The intention here is to show you that you can in fact affect your well-being by an anxiety rescue technique called focused breathing, which is essential for attaining calmness.

5 ways in which you can apply crystal healing for anxiety that you might try:

  1. Hold to your Heart. Just grab your crystal and hold it to your heart, this will help you to relax your heart rate and calm down. Continue with slow deep breaths; really feel the relaxation and the easing of your symptoms. Stones used are best: Rose Quartz, (love) or Moss Agate (relaxing the heart).
  2. Two stones for Balance. Pick two balancing stones one in each hand. Breathe slowly and deeply. Focus you attention on you action hand (right hand if you are right handed etc.) look to what this hand do for you, how it carries out your wishes, thank it with: now is the time to rest awhile. Then focus on the other hand, look to what this hand receives; is it grief from others or loving gifts? Decide to decline some of the thing it receives and send those things back to the sender with love. Complete by giving thanks for your realizations. Ideal stones to use are: Rose Quartz & Green Aventurine (love & balance), Clear Quartz & Citrine (clarity and clearing) or Malachite & Moonstone (release and emotional calm).
  3. Make a 4 1/2 minute Crystal Grid. Place at least four crystals around your chair and breathe slowly and deeply for 4 1/2 minutes. Rest! The crystal grid may help you to establish safe space.
    crystal healing for anxiety

    Amethyst, here shown near the bottom, is an ideal healing stone for anxiety.

    This is vital for being able to resolve feeling coming up. Take several 4 1/2 minute crystal grid meditations per day.

  4. Gem Water. Place a cleaned healing stone in your water bottle. Energize in sun for a few minutes, and then sip all day filling the water up as you go. Clean your stone before use. Drinking Gem Water is like taking a flower remedy. Stone to use: Amethyst (allowing change).
  5. Put Stone under your pillow at night. This is the easiest method. Just before sleep, tune in with your crystal and ask your guidance for total protection and peaceful sleep. Suggested stones: Black Onyx (for peace) and Green Aventurine (for emotional balance).

Love to hear your responses to these tips

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on crystal healing for anxiety



Margherita, Author of the Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystal Healing for Anxiety and other imbalances.