Energy Healing with Crystals – How to remedy environmental threats

Energy healing is constantly embracing us, but things change when our energy drops. Then your thoughts might turns dark, and your health deteriorates, but you can do something about it! Here I’ll explore how to test and remedy environmental energy disturbances. The main crystals to use are clusters of: Stilbite, Heulandite and Apophyllite see below for their properties.


Crystals and energy healing go together as we can use crystals to help us regain our natural energy levels

Electrical devices, outlets, bad cords and power lines invade our energetic privacy – it is a fact! But did you know there are many ways in which you can protect yourself from these energy vampires? Here are 3 main ideas you might follow:

  1. Make an inventory of the sources of energetic disturbance in your
    energy healing with a Sunstone pendulum

    A dowser may affect environmental threats by using a pendulum

    environment. Start with your home, list all outlets, dimmer devices and outside structures that you feel invade your space.

  2. Evaluate by testing the major things you listed, you might dowse with a crystal pendulum, or scan each area with your healing hands. What we are after here is an accurate list of your major concerns. Then organize the list with the worst offenders at the top.
  3. Remedy the disturbances one by one.

Energy healing techniques for remedying energetic disturbance

Remedying en energetic disturbance is not that difficult when you know what you are aiming for. Testing is part of energy healing as you actually have to tune in with the energy to detect it. Let’s say you have several outlets that give off dirty energy, and you tested them on a scale from 0 to10 (where10 is the worst). Apart from repairing broken devices and using energy wise equipment there are two main energy healing techniques you can apply here.

  • Reiki healing with crystals in a grid formation, if you know Reiki you can apply it to your crystals, and them place the crystals near the device or area. This method is ideal for things inside a home or office. Repeat treating the crystals regularly as they absorb the energies and protects you.
  • Setting up a personal protective shield by improving your inner energy with Gem Water together with using a crystal talisman. This method has been tested and found effective for neutralizing an outside influence such as a microwave tower or power lines.
  • Combination of both

Energy Healing Crystals: Stilbite, Heulandite and Apophyllite

Heulandite is ideal for cleansing and absorbing emotional energy imprint in a home or office, and allows for graceful flow of energy healing. Heulandite vibrates to ‘Enchantment.”

Stilbite is helpful for absorbing and aligning toxic environmental energies and it also act stimulating to the immune system. Use several clusters to remedy energy polluting devices. Stilbite vibrates to “Joy.”

Apophyllite dispels negative energy signatures without taking it on. Instead Apophyllite integrates an energy threat by elevating and rarefying the harmful energies. In this context Apophyllite vibrates to “Letting Go.” Crystal healers sometimes use tiny specimens of Apophyllite in the corners of a room, or use Apophyllite dust in the wall paint for meditation or healing rooms.

These are general guidelines. If you have particular concern or question, let us know. As with all healing: being clear, test, make your evaluation and then remedy with the best method according to your need gives the best results.


Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer for www.CrystalHealingClub.comMany Blessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals including energy healing techniques.