Gemstone Jewelry for Healing fit for a Queen

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Gemstone jewelry for healing is not new and facts about Queen Cleopatra may astonish you, she was not wearing gemstone jewelry just for being beautiful. No there was other reasons why she and other royalty wore gemstone jewelry. To be honest with you the reasons might scare you. Read on…

Does Gemstone jewelry enhance personal power?

Right on, our kings and queens through history covered themselves with gemstone jewelry basically from tip to toe. At each crowning, royal wedding or gala we see the royals with a lavish display of gemstone jewelry. Do you think they want us to know they are wealthy? No, that is not the main reason. Power, is the reason. Yes, personal power!

From a healing point of view, personal power comes from gathering energy into your central core, especially in your belly or navel area. Gemstone jewelry may help us focus that energy and retain it. Wearing gemstone jewelry anchors energy for us, until we can do it ourselves. But how you use your personal power is another matter…

I am not saying that the current royalty misuse their power, but past rulers of the world did not hesitate to use unconventional methods to stay on the throne. The use of gemstone jewelry is deeply tied in with tyranny and ego use. I am writing about this here so you can take warning, because violent behavior begets violence and a mind at war. Here we aim to stop this and promote healing: self healing for stopping anxiety, depression and self destructive behavior. Gemstone jewelry can help with that if we have the clear understanding what and how to go about it.

How can a regular person like me use gemstone jewelry to end depression, anxiety and other harmful condition of my mind?

Imagine yourself as a good king or queen, your people will to look up to you because you are noble respectful and beautiful. You would make sure that the lands were safe and protected against invaders and robbers. You have lots of resources to rule your country with, and if you are a good ruler even more respect and devotion would be bestowed upon you. This is going on inside your mind as visualization, an inner movie: And when you wear your gemstone jewelry think like this! Notice if you become more respectful and loving towards others. Good begets good. Don’t behead someone just because he or she doesn’t like you, because then you will be in line for the next beheading. Mind you, it is also illegal!

Try this gemstone jewelry technique:

Whenever you wear you gemstone jewelry imagine it as an Auric Shield or protective garment around you that helps you take back your power and repair inner shortcomings. Try this next time you wear your gemstone jewelry. The stronger the visualization the stronger you will be.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on gemstone jewelry for healingBlessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS. Use your gemstone jewelry with joy in your heart.