Aquamarine Meaning

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Aquamarine Meaning – History and Legend

Legend has it that aquamarine came from a mermaid’s jewelry box, (Latin aqua maris meaning “sea water”). It was believed to protect sailors and travelers on water. Aquamarine is from the beryl family and crystallizes in hexagonal prisms. It owes its color to the inclusion of iron.  It is said to bring pure love.

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Aquamarine Meaning – Magical Aquamarine Properties

  • Aquamarine is the stone of courage and resilience
  • Assists in sensible thinking and giving smart responses
  • Shields the aura and gives peace
  • Encourages a gentle nature in the wearer
  • Calms communication issues and is good for increasing harmony in the home

Aquamarine Meaning – Aquamarine Healing Powers

  • Regulates blood circulation and harmonizes the functions of the lymph system
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Protects against all types of colds and allergies
  • Relieves seasickness
  • Helps in the treatment of vocal chord problems and speech disorders

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Aquamarine Gemstone Color

Translucent light blue to sea green

Aquamarine Metaphysical
Chakra Classification

Throat Chakra

Aquamarine Gemstone Zodiac Star Sign

Aquarius, Pisces, Libra

Aquamarine Birth Stone Information

Aquamarine is one of the birthstones for March (with bloodstone)

Where is Aquamarine Found?

Brazil, Madagascar, Ural, USA, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan

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