Shiva Lingam Meaning

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Shiva Lingam Meaning – History and Legend

Shiva Lingams or Narmada Lingams are oval shaped stones made of cryptocrystalline quartz. They are found in the Narmada River, (hence the name) which is one of seven holy sites of India. The stones are gathered from the river and hand polished.

The oval egg-like shape is considered a phallic symbol of Shiva, the famous Hindu god. The lingam has been used for centuries in religious practices of Hinduism, only recently is it being recognized in the West for its healing and grounding powers. The shiva lingam represents both the male and female, and is a stone of fertility.

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Shiva Lingam Meaning – Magical Shiva Lingam Properties

  • Energize the entire chakra system
  • Bring strength and enhance vitality
  • Stimulate the kundalini energy (tremendous life-force energy centered at the base of the spine)
  • Bring positive change and achieve self-transformation
  • Unlock the path for new life

Shiva Lingam Meaning – Shiva Lingam Healing Powers

  • Balance the energies of the entire body
  • Treat infertility issues and impotence
  • Find new-found strength and energy to go through your day

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Shiva Lingam Gemstone Color

Various shades of brown

Where is Shiva Lingam Found?

Narmada River, India

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