Vesuvianite Meaning

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Vesuvianite Meaning – History and Legend

Vesuvianite or Idocrase is named for Mount Vesuvius in Italy where it was first discovered. Both the Greeks and Romans knew and used the healing powers of this mineral rich stone. It was one of the first stones to be ground into powder for its healing purposes.

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Vesuvianite Meaning – Magical Vesuvianite Properties

  • Vesuvianite is a very energetic stone
  • Aligns the will of the mind with the heart, bringing a completeness that is quite healthy for you
  • Find courage to change and discover your true path
  • Release hidden fears and phobias
  • Find encouragement and enthusiasm for happiness and growth

Vesuvianite Meaning – Vesuvianite Healing Powers

  • Vesuvianite is mineral-rich in calcium, magnesium and iron
  • Its minerals make it ideal for cleansing and purifying the body after a lengthy illness
  • Drives away fear and melancholy

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Vesuvianite Gemstone Color


Vesuvianite Metaphysical
Chakra Classification

Heart Chakra

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