Golden Quartz – Meditation on Immortality

Excerpt from the coming book: Healing Stones of India, from the chapter on: Golden Quartz by Margherita.

Golden Quartz – Meditation on Immortality

Mineralogy: Golden Quartz show veins of rich deep golden color due to iron inclusions. This mineral occurs in masses in mostly polished form such as spheres, tumbled stones and used  for carving and polished objects such as Crystal spheres and crystal wands.

Locality: India

Chakra Affinity: Navel Chakra.

Healing Applications: Low energy levels, stress due to low activity, spaced out, lack of sleep, depressive states, low motivation and poverty.

Crystal Modality: Crystal Meditation, Crystal Sphere Massage, Gem Elixirs.

Vibratory Effect: Golden Quartz vibrates to an energetically healthy aura on physical and emotional levels.

golden quartz

Golden Quartz

Healing Themes & Intentions:

  • Energy enhancing
  • Circulation boosting
  • Navel chakra connection
  • Subtle energy template
  • Accessing inner chakra intelligence
  • Activation of self-love program
  • Enhancing life force & beauty

Preparation for my Golden Quartz meditation:

I took my Golden Quartz sphere and was directed to put it on my belly, just like it wanted to be placed there. I centered myself by taking three deep breaths, and adjusted my spine so that I was very comfortable. I felt the energy levels improve by making my spine straighter. I sensed my energy moving upwards to the base of my scull. Nice! I continued to breathe and relaxing my legs and my feet was touching the floor in a relaxed way. I noticed that the soles of my feet began to tingle. My whole body said in a sort of roundabout way: Yes I like it – let’s play…

Healing Meditation with Golden Quartz:

I continued to tune in with my body, while breathing consciously and letting my body totally relax and to just listen to my breath. Although my Golden Quartz sphere had a certain weight, I stopped feeling it, instead I was filled with a sense of reverence. Imagine just filled with joy, and it emanated from a half moon shape below my sphere. It stretched across to my hipbones… like a new moon with its tips up and the sphere suspended above it.

This surprised me, as earlier when I had worked with Golden Quartz, I did not connect it to that level. Now it felt like a strong energy template of golden energy had established it self in my body. It was energizing my head and my thinking became clearer, and I noticed my neck felt softer and less tense.

As I continued to meditate with my golden quartz, I became aware of the top and back of my head. Energy was moving upwards like a delicate energy fountain, and the spray touched gently the inside of my scull and the upper parts of my brain. There was a distinct sense of clarity. Just noticing this clarity, I decided to accept how the energy was moving inside me… and just letting go, and following this energy flow.

After a while, there was golden quartz energy streaming like fountains down wards as well. Aha! This is my auric energy field, making itself known to me right now – I was thinking. Ok I said to myself, let me just experience without words for a while…

To describe what I experienced with my Golden Quartz, just now: It was a gift of both feeling and vision. Imagine being embraced by a golden light centered in the middle of your body at your waist, and in that center a huge golden ball of light resembling an eye ball. It was looking at me. I looked at me. It was me as my physicality looking at me (my consciousness). Oh my… what is this?

Simple really, but a bit overwhelming at the start! As I came out of my tuning-in meditation, I got a glimpse if my inner chakra intelligence at my navel chakra.

To conclude my golden quartz meditation:

The image in the beginning was an opening in my sacral area to actually perceive my primordial belly brain. These nerve tissues have been present since our origin of our physicality even before the so called reptilian brain came into being. This I what I felt!

I found it so amazing that using my Golden Quartz, I could feel this chakra intelligence, and as well perceive it which my inner vision. This consciousness is vital to know about and respect, for perfect health to manifest!

The cause for depression, and emotional problems came to the fore, as I felt a connection to what can cause these states of mind:

It is when we do not maintain all levels of our being healthfully.  If we denigrate, disregard or reject part of ourselves, illness like depression manifests. I could see it clear as a bell, in this meditation with Golden Quartz.

When I felt depressed and couldn’t shake it off, the disconnection to my primordial nerve plexus was the reason that I saw. I did not respect, or even know about honoring my physicality, and my inner spiritual beauty. If you follow my reasoning here – let me rephrase this:

My past symptoms of depression, lethargy and inability to bear my challenges in fact originated with a disconnection to my physicality. As I was working thought this mesh of thoughts with my Golden Quartz, it became clear: I must establish my navel connection firmly in order to kick depressive thinking. Period!

How many of you have had negative or depressive thoughts and outright clinical depression? Here is a clue to solving it. This experience with Golden Quartz to day, might help you too, to realize what one needs to do!

In essence the statement: “I love myself,“ reached to a much deeper meaning for me. As I write in my book “The Crystal Lotus Handbook” if you reject your carburetor and spark plugs, your car will not take you places! It is that simple. Yes or No, have it ON, or OFF.

To conclude my experience with Golden Quartz:

I discovered the on and off button to My Self-Love program, it sits in our belly, in the nerve tissues originating from before our reptilian brain was formed. If it is off we die sooner, if it is on:  immortality is a possibility. Immortal Blessings to You,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on crystal healing and golden quartzMargherita, Author of the Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Healing the Mind and the Conscious Connection to our Physicality.

PS Feel free to experience this by yourself, and confirm my findings with your own Golden Quartz meditation.