Healing Stone Attunements – How to Start

healing stone pyramid

Pyramid Capstones were made with crystals and other healing stone materials.

Crystal attunements with a healing stone have ancient roots; we know for sure that the cap of the pyramids in Egypt was crowned by a black stone carved with symbols. I personally saw one in the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo. The capstones were placed at the top to focus the energy to the intentions of the pyramid builders, this seems to be the most coherent conclusion, let’s explore how they did this.


What is an Attunement to a healing stone?

An attunement is an energy exchange via a crystal to what you are attuning to and yourself as the receiver. This gift is the result of your own practice and intention. You have the opportunity to receive an attunement when you have prepared yourself and are ready. The benefits of Crystal attunements are: deeper understanding, boosting of your energy and increased compassion.

How to receive Crystal Attunements as a tool to self mastery with your healing stone?

The process is outlined in 7 steps in two sections: The Four Preparations and the Three Receiving Blessings. To start select you healing stone. I have used a small quartz pyramid about 2” high, for my own crystal attunements with satisfactory results. Here is the Four Preparations:


  1. Prepare your space: Creating privacy in any personal practice it is helpful, especially for beginners. It could be a place in nature, or at home.
  2. Prepare your crystal. The selected crystal may be rinsed with pure spring water to clear static and negativity, and placed it in front of you on a silk cloth. This cloth is sometimes used for wrapping up the crystal after your session.
  3. Prepare your self with breath and relaxing your eyes. Ask yourself why you want to engage in a crystal attunement and then sit for a few minutes to still you mind. Open and close your eyes several times to relax your eye muscles. It is important to not strain or force anything, because an attunement will happen only when you are in the right state of mind. To continue you will need to have practiced the first 3 steps several times before you see any results! Take it as a holiday from your every day busyness…
  4. Learn Gazing: In this step you begin gazing at your healing stone. Gazing is different from just looking or focusing, it is a special technique of soft focus at your crystal placed before you. Try it out. You might do a set of at least 8 sessions of 4 minutes. By all means use a timer.


Doing short sessions with your healing stone gives you the confidence you need to venture further.

You might do morning and evening sessions for a week. Don’t try to achieve anything in the gazing step because you are training your gazing capability here. You need this capability to be able to differentiate your distractions from an actual attunement. OK – Here you have a bit of fun to work on before we go to the Three Receiving Blessings, which I am going to describe in my next post… Blessings,


Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer for www.CrystalHealingClub.comMargherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at  Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to crystals including healing stone attunements.