Healing Tools

What are Healing Tools in Crystal Healing?

Defining Crystal Healing Tools

A tool is an instrument with we may use to accomplish a certain task. A carpenter has a hammer, a surgeon uses a scalpel and an accomplished crystal healer facilitates healing sessions with crystals. The tool makes the task easier to accomplish.  In some cases one must have a tool do the work e.g. drilling a decaying tooth or communicating music with a piano.

Crystal Healing Tools are single crystals (minerals), a group of crystals (Crystal Layout, Crystal Grid) or instruments including a crystal, such as a pendulum, crystal wand or gem elixir for the purpose of healing and well-being.

Going deeper into Crystal Healing Tools…

Single mineral specimens(crystals) are placed on the body in a crystal

healing tools

A crystal pendulum is a healing tool.

healing session, with the intent that the gem may amplify and alert the recipient of necessary actions he or she might do to alleviate an experienced problem. The form may be tumbled, or polished in a particular shape such as a sphere, a wand, a pyramid and used to facilitate certain tasks such as enhancing a meditative experience, provide sphere massage or direct energy within the recipient’s subtle channels. Naturally terminated gemstones and semi-precious gems are ideal to use as healing stones. Larger specimens may become healing tools for crystal meditations, or to set up an energetic grid in a space or in a room.

Multiple gemstones and healing crystals can be placed as a specific crystal healing layout or be placed as a grid around a healing space within a crystal healing session.

Crystal Instruments or Healing Tools are made or created, which include as an essential part one or more healing crystals.

  1. Crystal Pendulums consist of a crystal hanging from a chain or string with the purpose for use in dowsing. A master healer may use the motion of the pendulum to ascertain vital questions about where to place attention and most beneficial choices to make within a crystal healing session.
  2. Crystal Spheres are a particular shape helpful for meditation, creating a beneficial environment in a room and as well to become healing tools to perform crystal sphere massage.
  3. Crystal Wand, this tool is fun to use and may make the wand keeper aware of his or her inner energies and energy channels. You might also use crystal wands as healing tools for combing the aura, and to invest energy within a crystal healing session.
  4. Gem Elixirs and Gem Waters are similar to Homeopathic Medicines and Flower Essences with the exception that they are purely vibrational in nature. You may easily create your own Gem Water by placing well-cleaned quartz, for example, in your water bottle and sip the water throughout the day. The crystal provides for structuring the water, and contributes to you accessing the healthy vibration of the water and thereby benefiting your health.
  5. Crystal Pyramid. Crystal Pyramids have been used for gazing practice and to attain clear meditation states. A gazing practice may contribute to your ability to focus your attention and to maintain concentration. In addition, practicing your inner abilities like in the gazing practice, you may become deeply joyful as a result of connecting to all parts of yourself, thus your energy field may expand and also unhealthy areas might be accessed.
  6. Crystal Staff. Essentially a crystal staff is a larger version of a crystal wand that in addition to the uses of the wand can be utilized to improve self confidence by carefully study how you use your energy and this can be practiced in walking meditations.
  7. Crystal Mandala, or Medicine Bundle, which uses placement of stones in layouts and in Crystal Healing Jewelry to gain insights about our true condition.
  8. Standing Stones and the Labyrinth are massive installations of predominately stones and rock. These formations are used for meditation and other functions including harmonizing the environment.

There are many ways of using healing tools to facilitate crystal healing – Explore what is best for you.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on healing crystals and healing toolsBlessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS The healing tools we described here may turn your life around.