How chakra balancing stones actually affect your chakras in a chakra meditation

Have your heard someone say: My chakras are out, I need chakra balancing? Probably not, but often we hear: I have a bad hair day! Just to be clear, most people don’t even know about chakras. Chakra balance affects us deeply, and shows up in our moods and behavior. Now you are at an advantage here, because if you read this you know a whole lot about it. But there is always more to know… the specific topics here are:

  • Checking for effects of chakra balancing
  • Perfecting your chakra meditations
  • Results of chakra balancing with crystals


How to check the Effect of Chakra Balancing?

First, select the test method for your practice. The main method to test effect, in my view, is using a dowsing instrument such as a pendulum. A pendulum is a weight on a string, which allows it to swing freely. Crystal pendulums are ideal if your love crystals… What are the steps to good dowsing?


  1. Clarity: You need to be clear what you are asking about! Ask questions like: Do I need chakra balancing now? or using a percentage chart: Howchakra balancing balanced am I now? (100% is complete balance, 0% no balance).
  2. Stillness: Still yourself by taking a few breaths before you dowse.
  3. Trust that your answer is correct for you (and do not ask for other people without their permission).

How to perfect my chakra balance?

Directing your crystal practice to be more effective, is a life long journey. And it requires your attention to start. You can use crystals to entertain your imagination, create a beautiful collection, or show off to your friends. All is of this is of course your choice, but are those items effective on your spiritual quest to find yourself? You have to evaluate the answer to this question. What I am asking here is…


What do you think is an effective way to spend your time and money related to your inner journey and spiritual mission? I propose to meditate on this and discover the ways you might delude yourself. If you start meditate, it may help you immensely. A true quest must come from the heart, your own heart. And you can use crystals to help you. Chakra balancing may be the first step for you. Try it. Use your stones and sit down to meditate! When you are clear, your can do chakra balancing as a layout on your chakras.



Results of chakra balancing with crystals


If you do chakra balancing on a regular basis, you would know how it affects you! Generally if we do chakra balancing as part of our personal practice, we can expect to:

  • experience less toxic emotions
  • make more informed choices
  • become a more lovable person


When you use crystals, I personally found that it improves any practice considerable. Keep your practice going… Blessings,


Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer for www.CrystalHealingClub.comMargherita, community builder on Chakra University on Facebook and Author of the Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to crystals and practices including Chakra Balancing.