How to do Crystal Healing for Animals

Crystal healing for animals is very easy to do especially if you are caring for a loved pet. We apply several techniques in the process such as:

  1. Adding gem water to the pet food
  2. Attaching a crystal to the pet collar
  3. Surrounding their sleeping area with crystals

When you do crystal healing for animals, keep in mind that your animals cannot talk, but that they are communicating in other ways. Your vet can help you diagnose a problem, and you can assist the healing process!

By doing crystal healing for animals that you love they know you care for them and want their best. Crystals work on vibration, and it is vibrational patterns that cause problems or harmony depending on the vibration.

Tip 1: On Crystal Healing for Animals – Treating Negative Environment

Your pet might be harmed by electromagnetic disturbance, causing them to be hyper active or nervous. You may remedy negative vibration around your electrical circuits and outlets, dimmers etc by attaching certain crystals nearby. Essential is to test and evaluate effectiveness yourself. It gives peace of mind when you can apply simple techniques your self such as crystal healing for animals. Special crystals for absorbing and dispelling negative vibrations are: Citrine (clearing obstacles) and Black Onyx (absorbing grief and negative vibration).

crystal healing for animals

You place your clear quartz crystal in the drinking water for 11 minutes.

Tip 2: On Crystal Healing for Animals – Gem Water

For internal problems such as digestion and disinterest in eating, you can support your animals by making Gem Water. Just immerse the selected crystals in the drinking water for at least 11 minutes, then remove the crystals and pour the water in your pets water bowl (don’t leave crystals in their bowl however as they may try to chew them etc.). Good crystals for Gem Waters are: Clear Quartz for clarification of problem, Yellow Jasper for detoxification and Garnet for stimulating healthy vitality.

Tip 3: On Crystal Healing for Animals – Crystal Talisman

If you are able to attach a small crystal on your pet’s collar, you may be quite surprised over the effects. You can securely wrap a small crystal as a medicine pouch. Just take a suitable fabric cut a round piece approximately  4“ in diameter, place the small stone in middle and fold the edges up over the crystal, and  take a strong tread and wrap tightly around close to the stone. Then make secure knots, trim excess fabric to 3/8” above the tread. With the ends of the tread, tie to the collar securely. The pouch should be no bigger than a penny or smaller when finished. Useful stones here are: Green Aventurine (to keep emotional balance), Rose Quartz (for love) and Moonstone (for reassurance).

Try these tips out for crystal healing for animals in your life; and let us know how well this works for you.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on crystal healing for animals



Margherita, Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An essential Guide to Crystals and Crystal Healing for Animals.