How to use a crystal massage wand – Tips for Beginners

Healers use crystal massage wands in treatments to improve energy and health, learn why and how you should use a crystal massage wand in your own practice.

Why would you use a crystal massage wand?

Understanding the human body, we can explore the various points and body

massage wand

Rose Quartz is helpful for in a Massage Wand

areas where massage wands are used. The main reasons for using a massage wand are:

  • relieving pain by working on muscular trigger points
  • reducing swelling by accessing the lymphatic system
  • reduce stress and anxiety by affecting the nervous system
  • increase energy flow by treating the chakra system

How to apply treatment with your massage wand effectively

Pain is a signal for you to pay attention to your body. To relieve pain, we are helped by knowing about what it is and what type of pain can be relieved with a massage wand.

For example: We fell and bruised our knee, and doing so our lower back starting to hurt as well. In this case we would not use the massage wand on the bruise, but the soft tissue in the lower back and hips. In a fall, mini tensions are created all over your body as muscular trigger points, even in remote muscles. By using a massage wand on these points with firm steady pressure the tensions may release.

The lymphatic system distributes liquid (lymph) in our body complimentary to the circulation of blood. Use a crystal massage wand on the lymph nodes with very gentle pressure and strokes.

In case of the fall: the swelling can be reduced by working on the lymph nodes at the top of the leg.

Stress and anxiety troubles many people but if they use a massage wand or a crystal sphere, they could reduce their symptom by treating the acupressure points and do meditation.

Your fall might be a result of feeling stressed, and using a crystal wand might be used by gently massaging with light pressure on the chest around the thymus area, or just holding it in a crystal meditation.

The chakras are the energy organs that distribute and provide the right energy frequency to our subtle body.

This means, if you were upset or did not feel safe in general, that might have precipitated the fall in my example above. By working in the aura near the root chakra, with your massage wand, you have an opportunity to remove energy blockages there.

To make crystal massage wand application easy:

General Suggestion: Use a gentle pressure with slow movement. On trigger points in the muscles use steady firm pressure on each point that feels sore for about 10-20 seconds, then move to the next point. Use small rotation, and stay close to the point in question. For Lymph nodes you must use extremely light pressure and very light stoking away from the swelled area, but not on the injury. On acupressure points use a massage wand or two with light steady pressure without movement on one or two points simultaneously. For chakras: use circular movement 2-6 inches above the chakra, clockwise to pull out energies anticlockwise to infuse energy. To work with any healing therapy, or chakras effectively, requires knowledge and experience with energy healing.

Many Blessings,

massage wandMargherita Crystal Lotus, Community builder at Chakra University on Facebook & Google+ Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS Almost any healing gemstone massage wand also has energetic and healing properties so stay tuned to future posts on this topic.