Love Stones

Love Stones, what can I say… Love is the most important topic in the universe… and crystals the next best! Love and Stones go together: Love Stones! The meaning of Love Stones is two fold:

  • I Love Stones
  • Love Stones I use to help me

I lied there are three uses really!

  • I Love Stones that are Love Stones

There I said it all!

But you may say: what are Love Stones?

Love Stones are the most precious of all the stones I know! To give you a few examples from my book, The Crystal Lotus Handbook:

The principal Love Stones are: Rose Quartz, Nirvana Quartz and Red Garnet.

Well Nirvana Quartz is expensive and not that common, but Rose Quartz and Red Garnet are very available, why spend your hard earned money on expensive stones when the economical alternative is truly available:

Now bring your favorite Rose Quartz out. Hold this incredible personal stone to your heart chakra. This is the place to put a Rose Quartz. And Rose Quarts is the most useful of all the Love Stones I know!

Rose Quartz is a Star among Love Stones

Well I will tell you why. You can believe me about this one as I had my own

love stones

Rose Quartz love stones

experience with Rose Quartz. It was not a stone I liked really but at that time I didn’t like myself that much either… luckily for me I overcame this blockage as I now can appreciate myself..

You may have lots of Love Stones to help you already, but do you have a special Rose Quartz that you feel is precious over all the Love Stones you could imagine. My Healing Book talks about a practice of with Love Stones and Rose Quartz in particular.

It is called Self Love

And this is probably the most difficult lesson to learn. You might get your own copy of my Crystal Healing book and read more about it. Here I will say:

When you Love yourself you have something that everyone wants. Yes Love Stones work double time…Love is THE commodity that everyone wants. It is True!

Now why not try to create this Love in yourself instead of trying to get it from others.

How do I use Love Stones to love myself?

Basically give up the idea that you can’t create love yourself!

It is that simple! Love Stones can help you and teach you to love yourself, and then when you do, you become very attractive. You could have your dream partner ogling his or her eyes all over you – If that is what you want.

Personally I think that a truly loving person is a peaceful soul who deserves all our compassion and respect because that person has mastered the biggest lesson in life. Love Stones can help you to learn more about what you can do on the way to that state.

Let me talk about Red Garnet, it is the stone to use for liking and appreciating and adoring your physical body! If you like your body you can also start loving yourself. So what can Red Garnet do for me?

It may help you to discover that without a healthy and functioning physical body, you cannot stay very long over here, at this very planet I mean (on the earth). What can happen? You get ill, cancer or simply starve yourself in some way… this is not helpful. Let the Love Stones in… I beg you not to despair because there is help! There are Love Stones.

If you think that I am talking through my hat, I can tell you I feel very passionate about Love Stones.

Ok I have to admit there are a few other Love Stones than Rose Quartz and Red Garnet!

Here is the list: Pink Tourmaline, Morganite, Danburite, Vera Cruze Amethyst, Red Jasper, Pink Calcite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Kunzite, Stawberry Quartz, Amber, Love-Struck Amazonite, Red Peristerite, Magenta Stone (Stichtite) and Pink Calcite. Enjoy Love Stones and love yourself Too!

May the Love Stones Bless You /

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on healing crystals and love stonesYour humble Love Stone Lover:

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS Love Stones may turn your life to the better.