Lucky Stones

Lucky Stones are not hard to find!

All you have to do is feel Lucky and then pick the stones you feel are your lucky stones, simple as that!

My favorite lucky stones:

My favorite lucky stones are stones that helped me to see the positive in my life when I felt gloomy… everyone can feel that some time!

A particular stone was given to me by a friend, who had visited Peru. She brought back a stone carving of a lhama, you know those long haired animals they have over there. This carving is depicted in my Crystal Healing Book in the section talking about medicine bundles. Anyhow I felt that that stone is among my lucky stones for me as it was a gift first of all and secondly I always wanted to go to Peru. It will happen some time I am sure.

Do you have lucky stones? I would love to hear about them…

In some sense lucky stones could be classified as stones that help you

lucky stones

Prayer beads are lucky stones.

connect with people and events that are important to you. If this is the case I would suggest the following lucky stones:

Orange Calcite – for happy creating

Labradorite – for creating magic

Clear Quartz – for accessing your inner potential

Luck and lucky stones are very personal, and luck seems to come and go. I don’t play at the roulette, but I have known someone who worked at a casino. He said that it is all about science and statistics to the greatest part the small part that is left is the luck. Perhaps lucky stones can be used to increase that small unknown part.

Another way to see luck is as your inner confidence, if you are not confident perhaps a few lucky stones can help you connect with the confidence you already have inside.

A story about Lucky Stones

My favorite story about luck is a lady at a business conference for massage therapists, I used to attend as a vendor. There was this lottery for the fanciest high tech treatment table and the vendor who donated it must be very venerated because that equipment is expensive… well my client since long time, came to me and said: I want to win that table, what stones will you suggest for me to win that big price? Well obedient as I am sometimes I put together a bundle of stones for her. I think it included, Pyrite, Golden Imperial Topaz and Citrine as the main stones. I had no idea what the outcome would be, but I said to her put your intention on it, then let go and let the forces of manifestation do their job!

At the last day of the conference after all the hundreds of tickets had been sold it came to the draw… my client parked herself on top of the table in a gesture of: I am not leaving without this table. Big anticipation and the crowd was cheering. The moment came – a ticket was drawn…and


I was amazed, she did it with her attitude and her lucky stones.

I have noting more to add about lucky stones… maybe you have a similar story! Let us know about it.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on healing crystals lucky stonesA winning set of lucky stones and their Blessing to YOU,

Margherita, a lucky stones contributor and the author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – A guide to your lucky stones!