More about Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is the technique or method to affect healing with crystals. In this article we’ll explore how crystal therapy works and the tools of the trade.


Crystal therapy has potential to affect our energy and how we feel

The aim for crystal therapy and crystal healing is to balance, or align personal

crystal therapy

Amethyst is useful for allowing personal change.

or environmental energy to a beneficial state. The result of a healthy Subtle Body is feeling good and be healthy. Crystal therapy and other energy based methods, affect the subtle body. The subtle body is the part of us that energetically feeds us. It has several levels above the physical body that we might explore:

  • emotional body
  • mental body
  • spiritual body

Energy modalities such as crystal therapy, primarily works on the mental-emotional layers, and sometimes on the spiritual component as well. How does this actually work?

Let’s explore how crystals help in crystal therapy:

In a healthy body energy flows smoothly and efficiently, similarly to a river. If this river is dammed up, flow is congested or diverted. The nearby area (tissues) become congested or depleted of energy. Physical therapies such as massage or chiropractic practices physically move tissues to open this flow. Pharmaceutical medication operates on the chemical level to relax or stimulate the area. Verbal therapies help the affected person to work on the beliefs and attitudes for understanding and being able to let go. Sometimes several modalities are needed to remedy a serious condition. Crystals are used to open up energetic blockages and improve the flow of that energy. How is this possible?

Crystals are the oldest manifestation of form on the earth, most crystals measure their age in hundreds of million years, a regular quartz crystal may be between 400-600 years old. This means that their structure is incredible durable. As all matter has vibration due to the movements of the subatomic particles, nothing is really still, but in constant movement. This movement is used in crystal therapy to model an ideal healthy state, much like a tuning fork in the hand of a piano technician. The beauty is that by placing a particular crystal on an affected area, it may influence the misaligned energy there. You might experience that as remembering an event, or letting go of an emotion. Energy is closely related to our emotions.

Emotional healing in crystal therapy – 3 Tips

To decide to work with your emotional healing is of course a personal matter. What you might keep in mind is:

  1. Control: Working with crystals is up to you, and as you choose your crystals, you are in charge of your own speed of healing.
  2. Availability: Crystals are readily available, and for the most part inexpensive.
  3. Self Respect: By affecting your own problems (emotions) you in fact empower yourself, this is immensely helpful for overcoming mental emotional ailments.

These were some ideas about crystal therapy and what you might expect when you use your crystals in crystal therapy. Many Blessings of success to you,

crystal therapyMargherita Crystal Lotus, Community builder at Chakra University on Facebook & Google+ Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook -  An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS Almost any crystal or gemstone you are attracted to can be used in crystal therapy.