Power Stones

Wow Power Stones! Do you like power?

Power is a much sought after thing next to LOVE. If you do not have power, you can’t get too may places without power. Power Stones are like gasoline we simply need them.  Power Stones can help you improve your personal power, if you let them!

Power Stones are usually stones relating to the Navel Chakra. This is our chakra for applying our Power Stones. Developing our personal power takes some work, but power stones can help you do it!

What are Power Stones all about?

First they help you connect with your power center, then you may access your personal power and protect it. How to do this takes practice?

Yellow Tiger-eye and Citrine are the main Power Stones to work with!

Yellow Tiger-eye we call the stone of Strength. It is helpful when you want to

power stones

Tiger eye is one of the best power stones.

train and develop your inner personal power. Citrine is in general one of the best power stones available. You can use it to attract abundance or for clearing negativity.

Other power stones that can you use are black Tourmaline and black Obsidian – they are excellent protection stones as well.

Shamanic Practices use Power Stones

Power Stones are used in shamanic practices to gather strength and power for a certain purpose such as healing an illness, protecting against a psychic attack or simply let you realize you don’t have to worry too much about the things in your life that you do worry about. Worry is not helpful, but it tells you that you are unsure or insecure about something. Ok be aware of what is going on. But engaging in ongoing worry is simply useless, don’t do it!

Use Power Stones to avert your worries and become a fearless spiritual warrior! That is the essence of Tiger-eye! A fearsome warrior, strong, fearless and harbouring no doubt about what his or her mission is! Go Guys! Be such warriors!

Let your life be your mission and not some hide away B-movie in a corner. I beg you do not waste your life with doubt! Use red Garnet too, to vitalize your physical body.

After all the hype, let yourself know what you are, and what you can do. Then act on that! Power Stones can help you here.

A practice with power stones you can do goes like this:

Take your favorite two power stones. It could be red or yellow Tiger Eye, and any other stones you feel are your personal power stones. Put each of them in your left and right pants pocket. Now, go do your stuff what ever it is, and if you at any point feel insecure, helpless or attacked simply affirm to your self: I can handle this!

And when you do, count your blessings! Give thanks to the power stones and to yourself for being able to stand in your own right this time. Next time will be even easier!

Let me know how it works for you, were you able to do it?

Power is in your Mind – take the leap with Power Stones!

Power Stone Blessings to you, and good luck on your journey with power stones. Much Love,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on healing crystals power stones

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals and Power Stones.