Programming a Crystal

Programming a crystal can be easy, or a complex process depending on what you are programming your crystal for. Its purpose is that you want some effect from the crystal to work for you.

Activating and Programming a crystal definition

Activation of a crystal is basically your activity of attuning to the crystal’s energy field and finding what it can assist you with. Crystal activation may be just to turn the crystal on, like a generator, or a light switch. But it can also be to activate several crystals that is in a crystal grid to the same timing.

programming a crystal

Programming a crystal or healing jewelry pendant usually takes some time and consideration.

Programming a crystal is alike to imprinting your intention within the crystal in the same way as we draw a line in wet clay or write words on a paper. Similar to a computer program, we (or someone) write it, then install it into the computer. When you have the finished program ready you can begin to program your crystal. All programs and intentions, I propose, should be stated for the highest good to come to all who is involved as a safety measure.

Programming a Crystal: for what purpose? We have 5 Major areas for programming a crystal.

You have numerous options for programming a crystal, or healing jewelry. Apart from doing spells and such, which is not part of crystal healing, or programming a crystal for healing we have these 5 main areas to work with:

  1. To affect a physical health problem
  2. To support you as a healing stone companion on a journey
  3. To be part of a healing stone kit for you as a crystal healer
  4. To deal with a challenging relationship or situation
  5. To help in your last farewells of a loved one

When you carefully have select the intention, your program, you can begin programming your crystal.

What is involved in programming a crystal?

First you start with a few minutes of meditation to clear you mind. It is good if you write down your program on a small piece of paper. Then, what I do is to create a small altar, it could be in a window or a private part of your home. You might bring some items relating to the elements, such as some water, a flower, a candle and some smudge, or incense. All four elements water, earth, fire and air. The piece of paper, with your program represents the space element.

The reason for using the elements in programming a crystal is that when we want something to manifest, or change we must connect to the elemental level where the change is going to be happening. For example, if the issue at hand is emotional, it is very likely that your programming must be strong on the elemental level of water for the program to be effective.

When all is prepared, you meditate with your crystal until you feel the programming is imprinted securely. You might add in your program that when your goal is fulfilled that the program immediately dissolve.

Hope this covers the topic of programming a crystal,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal healing writer Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS Programming a crystal is a way to get used to your new self!