Protection Stones

Do you really need protection stones?

The reason I ask this is that when we feel attacked or unsafe we might feel that we need protection stones, but perhaps we had not paid attention to the fact of LOVE.

In a what we might feel a hostile world for sure there is not much love, hence we are drawn to think that we need protection stones and some way to protect our self from perceived hostility. I am with you there! But as you read on I’ll explain what that means.

Protection stones can help us to discover the truth of our worries and vulnerable states we are in right now. Worries may in fact make us a target for the things we worry about to actually take place. Then your love index is low. Yes this is true, see if you can understand what I am saying.

In what areas can I use protection stones?

There are a select few protection stones that I have found very effective. To

protections stones

Protection Stones

alert us to take precautions and discover how we can proceed safely. And as well increase our love index. We can begin learn about protection stones and where to use them. For example:

  • protecting your house with crystal healing grids
  • set up crystal protection around your workspace
  • using personal protection stones in crystal healing jewelry
  • use a bubble of safety, a crystal practice to work with past trauma

Helpful protection stones used in crystal healing grids are Hematite, Black Agate and Citrine.

Protection stones for your personal area at work may help to focus better and not get distracted, then you can use Fluorite or Amethyst at your desk.

If you need personal protection stones to wear as jewelry use a stone that you feel can help you including Moss Agate, Black Tourmaline and Obsidian.

And you may also try the Bubble Protection practice that I detail in my crystal healing book, in which a sphere of gold-sheen or black Obsidian is helpful.

The result of applying precise protection stones is that in your mind you feel safe and as well getting support from the beneficial crystal vibration. This will totally increasing your love index to a point where you feel safe, confident and peaceful. So if someone ask you, do you need protection stones, you know that you are beginning to address your insecurity, lack of boundary or just bad company in your life.

To review protection stones:

Protection stones are useful for addressing our feelings of worry and vulnerability. The most common protection stones are:

Hemtite – for setting healthy boundaries to other people

Black Tourmaline – for repelling negativity

Black Agate – to feel more protected and be aware of our grounding

Fluorite – to be focused and less distracted

Amethyst – to be able to change to the circumstances challenging you, and transform anxiety and fear into LOVE

Black Obsidian – for safely work with trauma and learn to accept yourself

I wish you great success in learning more about yourself and  the protection stones that you may use.

Many Blessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on crystal healing and protection stonesMargherita, Author of: The crystal Lotus Handbook – A guide crystal to crystal healing, including practices with protection stones.