Rune Stones and Crystals

Rune stones fashioned from genuine crystals amplifies your divination.

Rose Quartz Rune Stones

Rose Quartz for love readings...

Discover how to use the power of gemstones to enhance you readings with rune casting. Lovely Rose Quartz put the intention to the area of Love and how to love one self.


What to think about when using rune stones in a reading?

You must first consider the questions that you seek an answer to. In the beginning it is not that easy to ask the right question, because of these three reasons:

  • The correct question was not asked: Here you may think your question was pretty clear, but in fact your deeper yearning for knowledge was not addressed
  • Wanting your answer to be what you like: Here you may be fooled and did not understand that your answer will help you more if you open yourself to receive all the answers the runes stones give you. (See also my previous post on personal interpretation of your runes.)
  • Not considering the circumstance of your situation: Rune Stones give you indications to which forces are involved, so the more you attune yourself to the whole circumstance for your question you may gain further important details.

How can my crystal rune stones tell me more?

The type of crystal that your rune stones have been made with gives you a basic indication of which areas you most likely need support in. If a person for example choose a Rose Quartz rune stone set, he or she most likely need support in the area of Love. And using such a set will also be a perfect choice for love and romance readings. I do not take any reading lightly because when one tune in and really ask about something important one get more accurate results when the requests are sincere. We have five reasons for using crystals and gems as material for rune stones:

  1. Beauty and health: Genuine gems will give you more natural and healthy choices.
  2. Gems attunes to your personal energy, which gives you easier access to reading your runes accurately. After certain time they become like a valued friend, and you may even actually feel the rune indicating your answer.
  3. You can use your rune stones as a crystal grid, (read more about crystal grids in The Crystal Lotus Handbook).
  4. Gems and crystals vibrate to various subtle frequencies that you can use for crystal healing. Perhaps one or more special rune stones are selected to help healing a problem.
  5. Gem rune stones can also be fashioned as jewellery if you learn to set them and may make powerful crystal talismans.


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Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer for www.CrystalHealingClub.comMargherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS. Rune stones might be a valued healing gift to a friend in need.