Rune Stones was Facebook for Vikings

What are rune stones? Runes was carved on a wooden stick, or on stones to tell a story about something, just like Facebook today. But there were other levels of insight and honor at the time of the Vikings. Being a Swedish descendant of the Viking legacy, I feel related to the runes and the stories of old. Learn more…


Rune Stones – using symbols to guide us

Rune stones are also a symbol, and not just a letter to depict a sound like our

Rune Stones maade from Tree Agate

Rune Stones carved on Tree Agate.

regular alphabet. As only few knew how to carve the runes, usually the wise elder carved runes with strong intentions. One may allude to magical spells, but a spell is a sort of prayer to the higher power to help, no different from a religious prayer. Other synonyms are: appeal, conjuration, cry, desire, petition, pleading, solicitation, and supplication. All prayers or earnest requests come in two categories:

  1. for healing, well-being  and love (and you get that back in return)
  2. for control, harm or revenge on others (and you get that back in return)

You may want to choose which outcome you want! It is this black and white. Now back to our rune stones.

Using rune stones today

My friend Anna paints runes, another friend Roger carved his own set of rune stones – the field is open to play here. You might want explore rune stones yourself. But the trick is to know their meaning and use. Firstly you might read about each rune, there are lot of rune stone meanings that you can research, and then acquire your own kit.  I will go in detail on rune meanings in a future post. Right now, I want to propose this:

  • Look at each of the runes in your rune stone kit with pen in hand pick each rune up and feel the stone out. What does it means to you? Write it down, it could be something like, I feel safe, I feel urgency, or I feel protected.
  • Then you can effectively pick a rune each day and go to your list and see what it means for you personally.
  • You might also update your list as you go, in the end you have a story of your interpretations and your own guidance documented.

These personalized meanings are beneficial as you have interacted with your inner guidance in each step. This is good, because you get to know yourself better.


The lingering Viking wisdom of rune stones

The Vikings carved their sincere requests or statements in stone! Don’t be mistaken, the messages were very sincere. To hire a carver was a very expensive project. Having that in mind asking the runes can be a sacred activity in your personal life. It is up to you what you want to create with your rune casting, which is the art of divining with rune stones. The last word on this topic might never be said, but remember that the Vikings however conquering they might have been, was in fact bringing culture to the lands they visited and created schools and education. Some sources claim that the Vikings were the descendants of the sunken continent of Atlantis. And the runes in themselves contain the transmitted wisdom of that era.


Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer for www.CrystalHealingClub.comMargherita Crystal Lotus, Community Builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS. Rune stones can be fashioned from any materials, but if they are made from natural crystals it is a bonus for crystal healing.