Stone Properties

Stone Properties: What does stone properties mean? Take this statement: “Gold Quartz increases concentration and strengthens memory.” In this case a person, who has discovered that he or she might lack concentration and forgets things, may use a Golden Quartz crystal in his or her process of regaining those skills.

Stone Properties – Stones with personality!

Crystals are not magical fix-it-alls, we cannot expect that a crystal or any

stone properties

Golden Quartz Pyramid and stone properties.

other tool or remedy can do something for us. We ourselves have to learn, or relearn, those skills. However the inherent vibration of crystals and the stone properties itself may facilitate this process by affecting our inner subtle energy field. Tn the same way as a magnet affects an iron needle to show directions during the use of a compass, we can use a crystal and its stone properties to guide us.
We have to be careful about what we intend for ourselves as that directs our inner body consciousness to manifest just that. If you were told that you where a ‘useless stupid person’ during the formative years of your childhood, you may believe deep down that you in fact fit that description. That will affect you later in life because a person with that program cannot remember things or be as successful or prosperous as someone who has been told they are intelligent, useful and resourceful. Unknowingly we are also influenced by peers and people we trust during the time of puberty, which is a sensitive growth phase in our life. It is a time when we are trying to define who we are.
Having said this, we may find a Golden Quartz pyramid attractive, and reading it can increase concentration and strengthen our memory – we want to have it, and for that particular reason. This way the stone properties of the Golden Quartz sphere can help us. When the crystal arrives at our doorstep, and we take it into our home, we then may begin to train in this new intention and be reminded each time we interact with our crystal.

The more you actively take part in this process the more successful you become in your chosen intent and the stone properties are guiding you.

You might also engage in a “crystal practice,” which puts that ball back in your court for sure. What is a crystal practice you might ask?

Well there are several healing techniques and spiritual methods you might use for this. One such technique is crystal meditation. In crystal meditation you have to opportunity to discover the programs running in the back of your mind. To erase coercive and detrimental programs like the one mentioned above, is to discover who you really are.

This is Mind Healing. The crystal vibration and the stone properties provide you with a field of energy that helps you stay in a positive frame of mind to dissolve what does not serve you. Welcome to the world of crystals! To learn more about mind healing and crystal practices, consult the extensive collection of practices included in The Crystal Lotus Handbook, which may be of great help to on your personal journey.

To discover the individual stone properties of each crystal our gemstone meaning section is a resource where you can explore stone properties of each gemstone and also learn about its healing properties, history, chakra, zodiac and much more!

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal healing writer on stone propertiesBlessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals and Stone Properties.