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Amazonite Properties

Amazonite properties, Amazonite Healing, and more!

Amazonite properties – History and Legend

In the 18th C Amazonite was described as “green feldspar.” The stone is named after the Amazon River. In Egypt it was considered a holy stone.

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Magical Amazonite Properties

  • Amazonite is excellent for balancing feminine and masculine energy
  • If you are an artist, this is the must have stone for you
  • Use it to increase kindness and become a more practical thinker
  • Develop your sixth sense and increase psychic powers
  • Build self-esteem and realize your hopes and desires

Amazonite properties – Amazonite Healing Powers

  • Amazonite is said to have preventative energy that is good for maintaining general health
  • Treat heart problems and metabolic disorders
  • Increase stamina and ease cramp and stress
  • Use its calming effect to correct mood swings and come to terms with grief
  • Relieve tension by placing it on the back and neck

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Amazonite Gemstone Color

Green, Blue-Green

Amazonite Metaphysical Chakra Classification

Throat and Heart Chakra

Amazonite Gemstone Zodiac Star Sign


Where is Amazonite Found?

Madagascar, South-West Africa, Brazil, former Soviet Union, USA

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