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What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing – fact or myth? Find out now! Let science explain how and why healing with crystals works and how it can help you…


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Posted by Margherita - March 14, 2011 at 5:44 am

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Crystal Vibrations

Learn about crystal vibrations, crystal energy and how to use it. See if crystal healing is a scam or does it really work? Get the facts now!


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Posted by Margherita - March 13, 2011 at 2:20 pm

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Clearing Crystals

For the simplest method of clearing crystals you need a bowl with clean water, a pinch of sea salt and your participation. Put your crystals in the water and wait until done, then take them out. Ready! OK you probably want more details, right?

Why is clearing crystals necessary?

As always when your dog is out in the rain, he gets a lot of mud on his paws, which he then imprints on the living room furniture… You get the idea perhaps. When it comes to energy, the situation is the same. Crystals stores energy, and can also can deposit it later… in your private home. So clearing becomes important.

Do I have to use sea salt and water for clearing crystals I bring home?

Well, no in fact some crystals are harmed by salt (for example: Turquoise, Opal and Lapis Lazuli). Also some crystals are dissolved if you put them in water. I’ll

clearing crystals

Does crystals need clearing?

tell you this story about my friend and I coming home from the Gem Show with all kinds of goodies. Of course we thought we were really crystal savvy and we should be clearing crystals before anything else. My friend gave me a bucket, it was a red plastic bucket and I filled it with room tempered water. So far so good. She had bought a beautiful rainbow colored crystal about 8 inches wide. It did look a bit oily on the surface, and she wanted to remove that oil film so in the bucket it went. Then we forgot about it, until the next day… She said lets look at that crystal in the bucket… you can imagine our long faces… there was no crystal there. Did someone take it, may be the dogs? Really – it had dissolved… and it was expensive too. You probably have guessed what it was: Halite, which is rock salt found in the earth.

Clearing crystals with water can discolor or disfigure the following crystals: Pyrite, Angelite, and Selenite. Now back to how to get more details on cleaning and clearing crystals:

Cleansing crystals or clearing crystals and then charging them for use is done in three main ways:

  • To start clearing crystals: Immerse in water, the water absorbs the energetic impurities from the stone and thus the stone is cleansed. A pinch of sea salt might be added to the water to enhance the method.
  • Another way for clearing crystals is to “smudge” using sage, cedar or sweet grass. The smoke from burning these plants, effectively clears your crystals, and as well yourself.
  • Now it it time for charging crystals using the Sun, Reiki or life force. Charging is a process by which raw energy (from sun or indirectly by the moon) is flowing onto the stone. The result is that the crystal absorbs some of this energy and becomes in this way “charged.”

Clearing Crystals and charging crystals is a great way to begin healing with crystals!

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal healing writer on clearing crystalsBlessings,
Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS When clearing crystals, you also clear yourself!

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Posted by Margherita - January 13, 2011 at 5:14 am

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