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How can crystals help me?

How can crystals help on you healing journey and why should we use crystals for healing? The answer is simple! We need help to discover what is going on and how to get out of the troubles we might be in! You can start by loving a crystal…

Why loving a crystal, and how can crystals help me?

Loving is g good start because if you experience any kind of trouble or

how can crystals help

How can crystals help with the issues I have?

problems, you are not happy. And to be happy you must by default learn how to love. So starting with loving something outside of us is a good beginning.

A crystal can assist us as a tool that we may use to: focus our attention, amplify subtle energy so we can detect them, help us ground ourselves, balance our energy field, or help us transform inner blocks and obstacles. Ultimately it is a universal tool for us to know ourselves intimately by its inherent properties, such as absorbing, cleansing and transforming negativity.

How can crystals help me to love myself?

If you see a small smiling baby, it is the closest thing to love on the human level. You might try watching a newly opened rose, if you are open to it, it shares pure energy of divine life force in action. Now to go to crystals, they are also a divine creation, and notably older than anything else on the earth, beside the earth herself. That says something about stability doesn’t it?

You can use a crystal to help by understanding the crystal properties it has. And the main idea is its crystal vibration. It is this energy signature that is the basis for healing. In the same way the newly opened rose bud emanated its radiance to you. In the case of a rose it doesn’t last more that a day or so, then its gone. Crystals live many millions of years. A regular quartz crystal is at least 400 million years old! Imagine that, an a human lives about a hundred years at most.

How can crystals help with my personal problems?

The problems we have, are also other people’s problems, in fact we all have problems, but only those who wake up to how can crystals help may get the answers they need. Of course you can take help elsewhere it is perfectly OK, but why not explore crystals a bit further:

5 proven ways on how can crystals help with healing:

  1. How can crystals help with my health: by reflecting back to you what energetic blockages are present. When toxic blockages are cleared, your health have a possibility to be regained.
  2. How can crystals help with my weight problem: by helping you understand what belief you have about yourself, which created your extra weight.
  3. How can crystals help with financial situations and money: by alerting you to your behavior and thinking about finances and money. When you understand, you are more clear about correcting your actions.
  4. How can crystals help with my emotions: by supporting your self healing and emotional balance.
  5. How can crystals help me get over my loss: by accepting that your loss was a gift in disguise, a divine lesson for you to receive. In the end its like the polishing wheel, it breaks down with use, but you as the diamond becomes shining and smooth.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal healing writer on how  can crystals helpBlessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, community builder at Chakra University on Facebook, and author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS. How can crystals help: In every way!



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