Tumbled stones and Healing

Tumbled stones are commonly used for healing because they are easy to use

tumbled stones

Amazonite tumbled stones for throat chakra healing.

and store. If you use tumbled stones for your chakra layout or as a gift to someone who needs healing, these are the things to keeping mind:

  • selection and  storage
  • preparing your stones for use
  • applications for using tumbled stones


How to select your tumbled stones

The best method that I have found to select my tumbled stones is to just pick the ones that I am attracted to. It is the quickest method. Look at a selection and pick up the ones your hand is drawn to touch. Other ways are fine too, such as researching which stones you need by evaluating the crystal properties and gemstone meanings for each stone. Also you might discover that your friends have had good results with certain stones and as a result you want to try them too.

How to store and prepare your tumbled stones

Any healing stone including tumbled stones should be treated with care and a gentle hand, because the energy with which you care for your tumbled stones will be recorded within your stones. So the first thing you may do when you store the stones you have selected is to clean your tumbled stones with mild soap and slightly warm water. Dry them on a towel. After that you might clear your stones from non beneficial energy by smudging or reiki. To infuse and program the tumbled stones you might think of how you want to use your tumbled stones. Examples are: for chakra balancing, healing an illness of some kind, loose weight or recover after a relationship break-up.

When you are ready, select an appropriate storage of your tumbled stones. This is the fun part. Make a silk bag, find a treasure box and line it with a soft cloth or simply arrange your tumbled stones on a special altar. The more ceremony you do will strengthen you intentions to heal. To finish: you benefit greatly to do a healing prayer asking the Divine to assist you in your work.


Applications for using tumbled stones

Now here is the good part, using your tumbled stones for your healing purposes. There are other uses of course like for decoration and using tumbled stones in your art or sculptures. For healing we can apply our tumbled stones in a crystal layout on the body, and if you know how to do a healing session this is one of the best uses for tumbled stones. So what can be healed with using tumbled stones? Areas for tumbled stones healing:

  • Chakra Energy Imbalance
  • Pain in the Body
  • Integrating your Emotions

Addressing head aches and other kinds of pain by applying a set of healing tumbled stones may help you to affect the energetic causes for the pain and you may realize and understanding why any disturbing emotions were created. Best is to study Crystal Healing with qualified teacher, as you then know how to do the sessions in the most beneficial way. Healing is a sensitive and vulnerable process and great care should be taken to properly honor yourself and others involved. I wish you the best on your healing journey. Many Blessings,

Margherita Crystal LotusMargherita Crystal Lotus, Community builder at Chakra University on Facebook & Google+and Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals and tumbled stones.