Unakite Properties

Unakite properties, Unakite Healing, and more!

Unakite properties – History and Legend

Unakite is also called epidote. It derives its name from the Greek epidosis, meaning “growing together”. Unakite is red jasper solidly bound with green epidote. This bond signifies that what comes together belongs together.

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Magical Unakite Properties

  • Unakite is a stone with gentle but powerful energy
  • Balance your emotions and enhance your visualization skills
  • Use it to locate the cause of a problem in past life healing
  • Gain confidence and control in magic spell casting
  • Helps with healing of abandonment and separation issues
  • Find your animal guide – offers assistance in connection and reunion
  • Place Unakite in any room to stimulate a calm and gentle energy
  • Lift your spirits when you are down and see the true beauty in life

Unakite properties – Unakite Healing Powers

  • Benefits the heart and circulatory system
  • Aids the functions of the female reproductive system, and to a lesser degree, the male reproductive system
  • Eases and comforts during pregnancy

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Unakite Gemstone Color

Moss green, salmon

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