What can we Learn about Crystal Healing for Breast Cancer?

Crystal healing for breast cancer is a tricky topic because as you know cancer is such a loaded word, however there are things one may keep in mind such as the way we:

  •  feel about our selves
  •  think others feel about us
  •  allow ourselves to engage in self-discovery

These three items contribute to health or illness because our emotional responses may cause tension and stress reactions inside us. These subtle tensions stops the natural flow of healing energy within.

One may propose crystal healing for breast cancer because it is a gentle modality working on our mental emotional patterns.

crystal healing for breast cancer

A lovely pink Rose Quartz Heart, perfect for Valentines!


What I mean by this is: we operate similar to a computer, yes just follow my reasoning here. When the operating system is outdated, we upgrade to a newer software, our thinking and emotions are like biological software. The hardware is our physical body. There are also subroutines and add on programs we use in normal computer work – the same is occurring inside us. We may adopt a particular jargon, hobby or preference, but the operating systems such as our culture, religion or language goes deeper and below these add on programs. So how is this important when we want to do crystal healing for breast cancer?

I tell you this fact: Everyone wants to be loved.

No matter how mean or disgusting a person is, he or she wants to be loved. This is the key when we apply crystal healing for breast cancer, which is a condition proposed to be caused by lack of love!

“My friend had breast cancer, all one could feel from her when she reflected upon herself was self loathing and lack of worthiness. With clients she was an amazing healer, because she knew what their pain was. But for herself, letting go of the ideas and thoughts about herself was not entirely successful. She started to use crystals and crystal healing for breast cancer, and averted her cancer, and as a consequence delayed her death for several years. It is serious work to change how one perceives the world!”

Now we couldn’t promise you 100% recovery by using crystal healing for breast cancer, but what we can promise is: when you discover how your inner systems work on mental and emotional levels, you become freer as you continue to unravel unhealthy programs. One of these programs may say: I hate myself, I am helpless to do anything about it, It is those peoples fault… and similar things. To release and heal one must take charge of ones life, be responsible for the decisions made etc. At this point healing is possible.

You want to use crystal healing for breast cancer. Now we can start to help by providing some tools.

You would of course have seen your doctor and applied all what can be done medically, but not seeing improvements. Taking charge and begin addressing your inner conflicts will make a difference. So how do I address my situation?

Meditation with crystals in crystal healing for breast cancer is a start.

Just to still your mind longer, you may regain your natural state of inner peace and resistance to illness. The first tool to use is a piece of Rose Quartz. If you tried just that, you might discover the natural resonance of crystals helpful to you.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on crystal healing for breast cancer


Margherita, Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook -  An Essential Guide to Crystals and Crystal Healing for breast cancer and other illnesses.