What is Crystal Healing Jewelry?

Crystal healing jewelry are crystal jewelery that you wear with the intention to heal or remedy something in your life. It is your invitation to explore yourself and what effects gemstones have on you.

… and do you already have Crystal Healing Jewelry

You are in charge, but you are using your crystal healing jewelry and crystal talismans as healing tools for you to discover where you can make helpful changes in your life.

You may love crystal healing jewelry!

Find out that you might already have a several healing stones in your

crystal healing jewlery

Crystal healing bracelets are easy to wear.

collection. Healing stones set in a peace of jewelry can be used as a healing tool if you knew about it. So what makes a piece of jewelry a healing tool?

Firstly you must work consciously with your crystal healing jewelry in order for you to integrate and be conscious of their effects. If you went into a pharmacy and grabbed various medications from the pharmacist’s shelf, picking bottles you were drawn to. Any normal person would not immediately start taking doses of pills from them, without knowledge what the effects was going to be.

The benefit and beauty with gem stones is that effects are certainly tangible, but can’t physically harm you unless you dropped a heavy box of them on your toes.

Now if you want to learn more about crystal healing jewelry – start right now by investigating what stones and healing crystals you already have in your closet.

Do you have aquamarine, rubies or garnets? Maybe some moonstone bracelets or malachite rings are hiding in your jewelry chest. You can make a list of all the stones you already have to find out what you have chosen to work with. What do I mean by that?

Working with Crystal Healing Jewelry

Working with crystal healing jewelry and healing stones mean to consciously wear the crystal healing jewelry and paying attention to what effects you experience. For example you might have a lot of red garnet jewelry.

·        You like Red Garnet Jewelry

Red garnet is a stimulating stone, helping the wearer to be energized and full of enthusiasm. In the case of illness or physical weakness crystal healing jewelry with red garnet are helpful for noticing any habits and things you engage in that drains your energy.

·        You adore Green Healing Stones

On the other hand you might find that you have mostly green stones in your crystal healing jewelry collection, green is a neutral and balancing color and we have green healing crystals including Emerald, green Aventurine and Moss Agate. Green Aventurine is a solar plexus chakra balancing stone and good for balancing our emotions. Moss Agate helps us to relax in stressful environments and get an overview of our situation. This is great to know when you are wearing crystal healing jewelry with Moss Agate.

What makes you mad?

Working with crystal healing jewelry as spiritual tool assists us to become aware of the things in your life that doesn’t work, that which makes you mad, raging or depressed. We all have emotions and they help us to know something is not right. Such emotions are our warning signals to know we have to change something inside.

If you know this and wearing you crystal healing jewelry from that point of view, you may quickly discover that dropping a certain pattern you have is going to help you be happier. An example of this is stopping to be mad when someone walks with muddy shoes on you newly washed floor. Changing your attitude and approach can help others see the benefit of removing muddy shoes in the house… it is a life long learning. And if you choose to not react but instead respond consciously, you have saved yourself some grief and stress. Others have the same capability to learn new thing as you yourself.

Have Patience!

Perhaps the best crystals to use in having patience with other people’s learning is Petrified Wood, which helps us to become more patient, alternatively Green Aventurine to help balance our own emotions.

To summarize: crystal healing jewelry is a piece of jewelry that you wear with the intention to heal or remedy something in your life. You are in charge, but you are using your crystal healing jewelry as a tool to discover where you can make helpful changes in your life.

I love to hear what experience you have had with your crystal healing jewelry. And you might be interested to learn about making your own crystal healing jewelry as well.

Enjoy your crystal healing jewelry!

Margherita Crystal Lotus, crystal writer on crystal healing and crystal healing jewelryMargherita, The Crystal Lotus

Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An essential Guide for working with Crystal Healing Jewelry.