Where to buy crystals?

Where to buy crystals is a delicate choice. You might be tempted to choose some unknown merchant online, but will you get the value you require?

Where to buy crystals for healing and self discovery?

where to buy crystals

Chakra pendant for healing with the chakras.

Now you might take a chance on a piece of jewelry, or a sweet looking crystal, but where to buy crystals with the healing qualities you want, is another matter. In these guide lines I detail 9 critical points to evaluate your selections.

9 critical points on the topic: Where to buy crystals for healing?

  1. How it looks. You know when you want to know where to buy crystals, and then buy something, you feel you need this item. And the images of the healing crystal you want look good to you. But consider this: where to buy crystals effectively also include a helpful description and that the people on the site are available to discuss your healing questions.
  2. What you need is a different matter from what you want. Think awhile of what you actually need before you ask where to buy crystals and buy something. What area do you need help with? Perhaps letting go of a boyfriend, or girlfriend who left you with painful emotions and worries. Now to remedy this you might choose crystals for: forgiveness, letting go and improve your personal energy. In this case the following crystals might be an option for you: Rose Quartz (to love yourself and forgive the other person), Tiger-eye (for strength), Rutillated Quartz, or Garnet (for improving your inner energy). Now you are armed with some ideas of which stones to choose.
  3. What is your budget? You can right of the bat decide what you want to spend, then go look for crystals in that price category. Now look for where to buy crystals in your price category. That makes you selections easier, as you can screen various options quickly.
  4. Do I trust the vendor? To learn about a certain on-line or off-line store, you can visit the location a few times before you actually make your purchase. Look at what people say about the store, check their Facebook page and so forth. Ask questions and see what they answer. If you like what you experience, go for it, develop a relationship with that particular store, and they will take care of you much better. This is where to buy crystals for healing!
  5. How to use the crystal I choose. This is probably easier:google it, or sign up for healing information newsletters. I find that when I make comparison between different sources I can distil the essence and see what is helpful for me. In your case: Spend some time for research and then evaluate what you learned. Perhaps choose 3-4 good sources and stick with them. Best way to use any crystal is to actually tune in with yourself and the crystal, then you’ll know for sure. But, until you are proficient with attuning yourself, learn from other trusted sources.
  6. What results can I expect? You can expect results to be in proportion to what you yourself put in as a commitment to deal with. Yes, no-one can do it for you, so you must engage in your own healing process fully. At that point the crystals can facilitate huge shifts.
  7. Where do I get help? You can get help from all the sources you have investigated and developed connections with! So you see it pays off to develop relations with people, and the more sincere you are the more sincere people will help you.
  8. What if it doesn’t work for me? Good, then you know what not to do. And as the Dalai Lama says: Never give up! So try something new, choose to see your problem, or situation from a different perspective. You might get a inspirational book and  read about what other people did, who where in your situation. For example, The Crystal Lotus Handbook describes half a hundred ways to work with crystals. You might try it.
  9. Where can I learn more about healing? Take a course on the topic you want to focus on, or join a Facebook group, or better start your own healing group to attract people to help you learn more. If you have any questions about where to buy crystals please do not hesitate to email or call us!


where to buy crystalsMany Blessings,

Margherita Crystal Lotus, Community builder at Chakra University on Facebook & Google+Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

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